The Green Eyed Monster

October 3, 2011
By Isseywiz SILVER, Melbourne, Other
Isseywiz SILVER, Melbourne, Other
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It was cold, dark. It was so dark that when the man closed his eyes he could barely tell the difference when he opened them. He glanced around the room, desperately. He had lost nearly all of his blood circulation is both his arms and legs, as they were bound to a chair with duck tape. The man tried to cry out, but the cloth that had been stuffed in his mouth blocked all sound that he tried to produce. The man frantically struggled against the duck tape, with the knowledge that it would be no use.
“Don’t bother fighting it,” said a voice husky with cigarettes, a female voice. He was startled and if he could move he would have jumped,” I bound you too tight.”
There was a flicker of light, and for a split second he caught a glimpse of his mysterious capturers face. Green eyes. That’s all he saw. Eyes so green that they would make any mans insides freeze. She brought the lighter to her cigarette, and letting all of the smoke seep in. She inhaled deeply, exhaling into the mans face. He coughed and spluttered, and attempted to turn his face away from her. Her hand snaked out and seized his chin roughly. Her nails dug into his skin, drawing blood.
“Listen Mr. White,” she said gruffly, the cigarette hanging out of her mouth was inches away from the mans eyes, “I’m just doing my job, and frankly, I quite like my job, and I take a lot of pride in my job. Now, my job was to kill you and your family… do you know why?”
A whimper escaped the mans mouth.
“Its because,” she drawled, her voice rising, “we had a deal… a deal that not only meant a lot to me… but also to my father. You betrayed us, you and your family… betrayed us.”
Although every next word she said came out in more and more hysterical manner, the last to words she spoke came out in a whisper.
Suddenly, a blinding bright light filled the room, revealing all of his dead loved ones scattered around the room. Their blood had already started seeping into the carpet, staining the carpet a coppery red.
Despite the man being gagged, he still let out a blood curdling scream, which interrupted the eerie silence that consumed the room.
The women clicked her heels together impatiently.
“They had it comin’,” she muttered to herself.
The man looked up at the women, no wait, a girl. Probably no older then the his daughter that had just been killed. Her skin was so pale that she looked almost inhuman but nevertheless, beautiful. She had hair as dark as the room had been, and her eyes a blinding green, radiating with a sort of mocking evil, the contrast between her eyes and her hair was striking. Reality suddenly dawned on him, death was becoming a very near part of the future.
He stared at his capturer, recognising her immediately. He remembered reading about the young girl in the newspaper, the girl, she was known for her brutal killings controlled by her father, in which she would never show no mercy. She had no name, only a secret identity.

The stench of gasoline soon overwhelmed the room.

“Trust me Mr. White,” she said soothingly, “I’m doing you a favour, I know that
you would never want to live in a world without your family.”
The girl grinned at me sinisterly one last time.
“I’ll put you out of you misery.” She said gruffly, as she flicked her nearly burnt out cigarette into a pool of gasoline.
The room went up into flames before the mans eyes. He watched her stroll out of the room carelessly. The green eyed monster left him there to burn.

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