Perfect Day...Ruined.

September 28, 2011
By Anonymous

You know those days; you can feel it through every limb of your body that something is going to happen to ruin it. Because perfect days like these can’t be realistic. Everything was going great, tests back all in the lower 90’s, no fights, no drama, just another perfect day wrapped up on my walk home…“Why are you so smiley?” My best bud Trent who has stuck with me for two years full of wonderful High School at Reef Side voice budded in my head. My cheeks warmed, “ehh, I was just thinking. It was a perfect day..” “You shouldn’t think Kaylee, it’s dangerous for man-kind.” His teasing matched with a smile across his face. “Gee, thanks.” “I’m only kidding.”
We continued our walk down a side street in our quant suburb, on the east side of our buzzing city. Not many people around here feel the need to get some-where quickly like in the city where we used to live. Mom became so stressed out that she transferred to the south campus here in the suburbs. It’s been a four years since the move and Trent my newer neighbor made the move and new school a little easier. Our walk usually took a good fifteen minutes from the school, apparently only students that live past the main road get a set of yellow wheels to their home. My eyes squint as the sun beat down as a puffy cloud moved along. The sudden heat brought me out of my inside rant and I looked ahead. A white scrawny man was walking towards us on the sidewalk. Everything about him screamed watch out. My body tensed up but I kept up my stride next Trent. Black blobs pasted up and down his arms and his white wrinkled shirt was stained and the black jeans sagged below his waist. “Do you get the creeps from him?” I whispered nodding ahead. Trent noticed and shrugged, “I guess. He is just walking Kay.” My nerves stayed on edge and my muscles tensed up. It’s just an image, he’s probably harmless. The lies to myself were not working.
We walked closer to him, he lifted his head and the permanent smirk on his lips tightened. I stayed quiet watching his every move with my eyes until I saw his lips curl up in a smile. The smile struck me, I stumbled and I managed to put a small smile on my face as we past. Then I felt a pinch. My left arm stung and I looked as yellow dirty nails dug into my skin. Suddenly I was pulled backwards, and tattooed arm was stretched across my neck and grabbing my shoulder. The next sound will forever echo in my mind, a click. A simple click of a gun being loaded and held out towards the boy. I stood in horror as Trent spun around, his eyes widened, his hands flew up in the air and he backed up. “Whoa, easy now.” The gun bent inwards then rested against my temple. My body froze against him and my teeth clenched in nervousness. “Money, Hand it over… now.” Money? That’s all he wanted? The thought of this made me mad instantly. This whole thing is over simple money? “I don’t have any man..” “You don’t have any? That’s a lie. A pretty boy like you must..” “I have no money man.” The guys arms loosened then he flexed his hand tighetened his grip. Then gun pushed closer on my head and my balance moved to my tiptoes. He moved the gun to point to Trent, “Look here kid..” his words were muffled in my head as I saw Trent’s face as the gun pointed dead on to his head. I have to do something. I will not be bait… I looked at Trent to control my fear and I gave him a strong stare. When his brown eyes met my green I twitched my eyebrows. He nodded slightly and the man watched confused. “Just fork that damn money over, or else she goes and you!” He barked jabbing the gun as far as his arm allowed.
I forcefully nodded my head then kicked my foot backwards hitting the man’s lower section. Trent slide his hands in his pocket and dialed his phone. The man heaved inward and I grabbed his outstretched arm and pulled it downward. His arm stayed outstretch across my neck so I backed up and pulled his arm at the same time. A shot rained and he suddenly flipped onto his back in front of me. The gun skidded along the pavement. I ran after it and grabbed it in my shaky hands. I fumbled with it as I watched the man get on his knees then stand up, “You…” “Back on your knees…” My interruption moved him back, but my equally shaky voice made him smile. “Now!” I demanded moving the gun jabbing the gun. He got down on his knees and his hands pulled on his shirt. “Hands up, behind your scummy head.” He followed directions as I watched the gun shake uncontrollably in my hands. The shrill of a siren sounded closer. I watched Trent pace back and forth while on the phone and a cop car pulled up. A police officer walked up but I kept the gun pointed at the man. “Honey give me the gun okay. Everything’s going to be okay just give me the gun.” I continued to shake and stare at the man who grabbed me. I looked him in the eyes then lowered my arms and handed the gun to the officer. I flexed my fingers and tried to regain my balance as Trent ran over to me, “Are you...” “No” I muttered. He moved closer to me and i cried into his chest, So much for a perfect day.

The author's comments:
I love to write about what I dream about, my own mind brought this idea up, I hope ya'll like it!

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