Lack of Color

September 26, 2011
By Music-Tricks-Love SILVER, New York, New York
Music-Tricks-Love SILVER, New York, New York
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The lack of color in your eyes should have warned me. But I continued you and your hypnotic voice called me closer. You called me and I came. I was never so obedient in my 16 years of life. You had a sadistic smile, which should have given me a reason to run. But that hypnotic voice beckoned me closer. So there we stood. You two inches taller than me, I looked into your lacking eyes and saw my reflection. That was when I ran. It was of no use. Somehow no matter where I turned there you were. I grew tired, annoyed, and afraid. You showed up again. I nearly let out a scream. Placing your hand over my mouth immediately stopped me. “No relax.” You said with that hypnotic voice. I stilled. Tilting my head you brushed my long ebony hair from my tan neck. Running your pale slender fingers over my vein you gave a satisfied smile. Opening your mouth you placed it on my neck. Two sharp needles pierced my skin. I struggled gasping for breath. Do not struggle it only makes it hurt. You sent in my head with that voice. The process was peaceful. It was soothing like drinking a warm cup of coco on Christmas. You let me fall unconscious.

I looked at my prey a small girl. Looking afraid and alone. The lack of color in my eyes should have warned her.

The author's comments:
I wrote this and published it under a different account. I lost that password and decided to republish this.

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