A Moment

August 20, 2011
By Anonymous

"Hide, quickly!"
The mother ordered, pushing a small child of five inside the cabinet and began to hide the cabinet with boxes. She has just finished unpacking her things, she remember. Once she finished her task, she whispered to the child:
"Sweetie, mommy is going to play a game with you, Okay?"
When she received a cheerful: 'OK', she smiled and continued:
"We're going to play Hide and no sound, alright sweetie? You're going to hide in here and not make a sound, no matter what you hear, OK?"
"No matter no matter?"
The small child repeated after his mother, his voice faint because of the barrier between them, but still audible. The mother nodded her head, even though she knew her son couldn't see her. The act was done to reassure herself, rather than to answer her son.
"No matter, honey."
When she saw that her door was being beaten, her voice dropped into a whisper and she said:
"Honey, mommy loves you and Jane, OKay?"
"Jamey loves mommy too."
"OK, Jamey, let's play Hide and no sound, OK?"
The mother received no reply, and she knew that her son was already playing the game. The locked door of her dining room was forced open, and couple of men in suits entered. They made a line as another man in a different colored suit entered the room after them, smOKing a cigar.
"So, we meet again, Detective."
"I have quit my job long time ago."
"But that doesn't change the fact you killed my brother," He said, taking a long breathe of his cigarette. "Shoot her."
Unknown to any one in the room, a pair of eyes was watching through the window, a small part of her thankful that her bother couldn't see any of this.
Jane has came back from school because she was sick, but when she saw sleek black cars in front of her house, she grew suspicious and decided to investigate through the windows. But she didn't expect to see this.
She didn't expect to see six men; all carrying a gun, to point it at her mother and shoot. She watched, mesmerized with the blood as it trickled down from her mother's chest, throat, head, arms, and legs. She watched, unable to look away as her mother's chest slowly stopped rising. How could she turn away when this was her mother's last moment in life?
As the men left, Jane hid herself behind a large rose bush her mother was tending this morning, and sobbed quietly. Her tears running down her cheek, absently she wondered if she could cry a river, and after recalling all the blood that came from her mother, began to choke on her tears, and vomit her breakfast.
After she heard the car's engine begin and disappear, she slowly stood on her feet and entered the house. She made her way toward the dining room, through the kitchen, and through the spacious living room, until she reached her destination. The room smelled of death and blood, so much she had to resist the urge to vomit again, and so she quickly tied a handkerchief around her mouth and nose, and ignoring the dead body, she began to throw the boxes away, until she found the cabinet. Opening it, she found her brother sleeping. She silently hoped that her brother slept through the entire ordeal. Cradling him close to her chest, Jane toOK her mother's purse from the living room and searched for her cell phone. Finding it, she searched for the familiar number, and dialed it.
"Papa," She said, her voice hoarse and dry.
"Jane? What's the matter, honey?"
"Mama's dead…"
The line went dead, and after few minutes, police officers were entering her house. Her father came after thirty minutes.
"Are you two OKay?"
He asked, hugging both of Jane and the sleeping James. Jane remained frozen in her place in the couch, while James snuggledeeper into his sister's embrace.
The police made her remove her bloodied shoes and socks. She didn't complain. They made her recount everything that happened, she did, but with tears and many gulps of water to stop her chocking, her father rubbing small circles as he made her swallow the water.
"How did the man look like?"
"He was wearing a white suit, he was bald and had squinty eyes and he also had a thick moustache. He had a cigar, too."
The policeman nodded, and pulled a picture of the man she described.
"Is this him?"
She numbly nodded her head, absently hugging James closer as a way to comfort herself.
"Thank you, Miss." And then, addressing her father, he said: "Mr. Jones, your wife was murdered by a crime boss who has a grudge against your wife because she arrested his brother. Your wife was murdered by Alfred Wagner."
Alfred Wagner, the name floated in Jane's mind, and she kept it in, intent for revenge.
As the police exchanged words with her father, Jane held onto the name, as hate and rage began to settle in.
She will get her revenge.
It took a moment for Wagner to kill her mother, it took a moment for her mother to die, and it took a moment for Jane to sink into the abyss of hate.
And one day, it will take a moment for Jane Jones to murder Alfred Wagner and get her revenge.

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