Danger in the woods

September 13, 2011
By MTZAP BRONZE, Greenfeild, Indiana
MTZAP BRONZE, Greenfeild, Indiana
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As Sarah was running form the man who was chasing her she thought about why she was walking in the woods after dark. As she was running Sarah realized that her phone had droped out of her pocket, but it was too late to go back and get it. Sarah suddenly saw the man was in front of her. Sarah suddenly realized that was not a human that was chasing her, so she ran even harder. Soon Sarah suddenly saw a house at the end of the woods, but before Sarah could get the house something grabbed Sarah and pulled her to her feet. As Sarah lay there looking into this creature eyes she felt terror has if hell were pulling down from earth.

Toby looked out the window only to see trees and birds. Toby wasn’t excited about his new house if felt weird to him as if someone or something was always watching him. Toby was a fun-loving kid with brown eyes and brown hair, and Toby loved to play video games with his friends. Toby’s parents wanted to move out their old house because of the high house payment. Toby still lived in the same school district, but saw his friends less often. They had moved into an old house with a long spiral staircase that led up into the study. Toby’s room was really big with all kinds of game posters all over his wall. Toby went downstairs and turned on the news and saw that more teenagers had died in the woods. The same woods that was behind Toby’s house.

Toby was really curious about who was killing the teenagers in the forest. During the school day Toby was trying to get his friends to join in trying to catch the killer in the woods. Finally two of Toby’s friends Sam and Cassie said they would join Toby. Sam was a smart young 13 year old that had brown hair and blue eyes, and always wore football jerseys. Cassie was 14 years old and had blonde hair blue eyes. They all agreed to go Saturday night.

Sam and Cassie were both scared and excited about Saturday night. They eventually started to talk about it. “Hey Sam, asked Cassie said. Come over here I want to talk to you,”

“What do you want to talk about, asked Sam”

“I just don’t feel right doing this, said Cassie. I’m scared that were going to end up like those teenagers dead”

“Well, said Sam. were not going to die I make sure of that,” Sam, who was trying to encourage Cassie.

“Okay,” said Cassie.

Saturday came Toby, Same, and Cassie were all set and ready to go. “Are you both ready,” asked Toby. “Yes,” said Sam. The three thirteen year olds set out with cameras, nets, knifes, and Toby’s dog Wrigley. Wrigley was an all brown Saint Bernard, therefore the kids felt a little safer with a big dog like Wrigley. Toby and Sam set up cameras all around the forest. When the teenagers were all set and ready to go they headed deep into the forest, leaving Sam behind with Wrigley.

“Toby?” Cassie asked.

“Yes,” said Toby.

“Why do you want to catch whoever is killing all these teenagers? Why don’t you just let the police do their jobs, and catch this murder themselves?

“Because,” Toby said, “I need some excitement in my life. Why did you join me to catch this killer,” asked Tobey.

“Well,” Cassie started, but before she could continue, they heard Sam scream.

“Hurry,” Toby yelled.

When Toby and Cassie reached Sam they found him dead. Sam had no marks on his body to show he had been physically hurt. Suddenly Sam opened his eyes, turned his head, and said in a demonic voice, “I’ve killed one of you, now you leave the forest and never turn back, or I will kill you all.”

After Toby and Cassie ran from the forest, Toby turned to Cassie and asked, “Where is Wrigley?” Out of nowhere something jumped out and landed on Toby. Toby quickly realized the sudden movement came from Wrigley. Toby took Wrigley back to the house, leaving Cassie behind. When Toby returned for Cassie she was nowhere in sight. In all the chaos of running from the forest, and getting Wrigley back to the house, Toby had gotten separated from Cassie, and now she was missing too. Toby ventured deep into the forest to find his missing friend. After minutes of wondering around, Toby finally found Cassie in the back of the forest. Cassie looked terrified.

“Toby, he is here. I know he is here. He has been following me ever since you ran off with Wrigley,” Cassie cried.

“Why didn’t you follow Wrigley and me home,” asked Toby.

“I was scared, and I just took off running in the other direction,” Cassie said.

Suddenly Cassie saw glowing eyes in the dark forest. Before Cassie could react, she fell to her death. Toby ran to Cassie, but before he reached her, he was attacked from behind. As Toby looked his attacker in the eyes, he saw what he would describe as Hell. Tobey’s worst nightmares had come true.

Toby heard a gunshot in the distance, he watched the demon fall to his death. The cops had come looking for the three teenagers as soon as they heard of the teenagers’ plans. The cops had arrived just in time, or so they thought. The cops approached Toby to help him up, but Toby’s body no longer belonged to him. Something was different about Toby, something, or someone, was living in Toby’s body. Days later the cops were all found dead in the forest and Toby’s body was never seen again.

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