Felicity's Story

August 31, 2011
By sofieee97 BRONZE, West Midlands, Other
sofieee97 BRONZE, West Midlands, Other
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My life was dull and boring, like a colorful piece of art that had just faded to grey. I longed for excitement... I found it. Milo barns was what I needed in my life, the thrill of not being caught by my husband was exasperating. It was as if my husband, James Willman didn't even notice me though... He was interested in more 'important' things apparently. He thought that all I wanted was money and that if I had that then I would be satisfied, but I wasn't. I used to put on a smile everyday even though I was crying inside of me, or at least this was until I met Milo.

The reason that I had longed for change in my life was due to James never being home. I used to shout at him about his unhealthy work obsession. He's probably what made it all go wrong. His crazy love for work drove me right into the arms of Milo. I used to joke to Milo saying: "If my husband ever finds out then he'll kill me!” I wish I hadn't joked about that now though, because although that line probably would have been true, he's not the one who killed me... And neither was Milo. I know my murderer well, but the police don't. And their guesses towards my husband and my lover are wrong. They will never know, as all they have is a guess.

I never really introduced myself, but as I said, my name is felicity Willman. I don't live near my family anymore... They're all still in the city. They stopped seeing me when I met James. I suppose they saw what I hadn't about him till now. When I was alive I lived in a grand house in the countryside in York. Some people would say it was like a palace, but to me it was prison, a place where I constantly felt trapped. I never used to live in a huge house, just like I never used to have much money... My family wasn’t really very well off. Maybe this is why they didn't like James. I guess you’re wondering why I’m called Felicity even though I didn't come from a particularly posh background... Well, my mom always told me the story about how it was because I would grow up to be a lovely, respectable woman and that I may as well have a name that people are going to remember. I guess I let them down on that one...

My family all used to make fun of me saying that the only way I kept sane living in that house was by constantly riding my horse, ginger. I loved horses, especially ginger; she was like my best friend. I used to ride her all day then take her back to the stables and brush her stunning, white mane and tail. When James used to stay home with me years ago he used to say she had the same hair color as me and that secretly she was my twin. Although, I never quite saw the comparison between her straight gingery blonde mane and my light blonde curly hair, maybe me looking like a horse was the best compliment he could come up with...

I used to tell my friends that my husband would rather be married to his job than to me, but they never really understood. For months the loneliness had been building up inside of me, I was a bomb that was ready to explode, but as usual James never noticed. He was working in London most of the time as he was the boss of a large advertising company, hence why we were never short of money. I didn't see the point in his work, as we didn't need the money, and I had everything that I had wanted. Everything but him. Milo had been working for James for many years now, but apparently not an important enough job for my husband to notice him. One night James decided to bring his colleagues home to have a business weekend at ours... For the first time Milo was actually noticed, and that's when it all started to link together, and my affair started...

That weekend I had to act like the perfect wife, even though I could barely stay in the same room as my own husband. He was starting to become quite repulsive to me. I was constantly being called to make tea, coffee and food, and at the end of one day, just as the sun was going down I stepped outside my house, went down the big, white, marble steps and went to go and sit on a grass bank that was facing towards the sunset, but Milo was already sat down, looking tired and exhausted. Hours passed as we just sat there talking about our lives, and the sun had now disappeared, leaving us in the lay under the stars and the full moon together in pitch black darkness of the night. It was like a fairytale out of a book, something that you’ve dreamed of ever since you were a kid but thought would never happen. The sky was beautiful and it was a perfect moment, it was as if we both knew what was about to come next. We stayed there all night reminiscing and romancing whilst my husband and his other colleagues stayed inside drinking whisky and having what they though was a business meeting. After such an amazing night both Milo and I agreed to meet up and carry on our secret love affair whenever James was away or at work... And we did... Until James found out.

The author's comments:
This story is based on two pictures that had been cut out of magazine. One picture was of a horse, and another was of a very beautiful, elegant woman. The story just sort of popped into my head and I knew I loved the story from the start.

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