My End

September 15, 2011
By awesome-1234 GOLD, Three Rivers, Michigan
awesome-1234 GOLD, Three Rivers, Michigan
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As I looked into my best friends eyes I saw the sudden flash of rage when he saw that I was smiling, and that I was going to stop the madness and face my biggest fear. Dieing. Once I fell to the soft mushy forest floor and gave up I knew the pain would end soon so I just lied there waiting for him to catch up. When he saw me lying on the ground he started to laugh, and once he caught his breath he slowly said, ”I always knew you were an excellent quitter, but this is really low especially for you.” I shrugged it off sheepishly. The second I looked back up at him I could here a sharp ssss noise, and realized that he had just pulled out a large machete. Once I saw that i felt my entire body go cold, he must have seen that to. Because once I looked back up at his face he was already starting to answer my question, “Yes this is going to be one of your closest friends here in a moment.”

“I thought you were one of my closest friends! And why not now? Why not just get it over with!?” I asked slowly sitting up off the mossy forest floor. The second he saw me move he flinched and backed up a little.

Then he quickly retorted, “hey hey!” “Let’s not be so hasty I thought people wanted to live and that this would be more fun than it is.”

“Are you scared of me? And I really don’t care if I go or stay, I will always be me no matter where I am!” I snapped back at him.

“Don’t get fresh with me! You will meet your fate soon enough!” He yelled at me. Once I heard that “soon enough” part I suddenly felt the first drip of sweat roll down my forehead, and go into my eyes the salt stinging as I closed my eyes and took on the pain practicing for what would happen next. The second I opened them I wish that I hadn’t because the moment that I did he was walking toward me swinging the blade like a hypnotist with a watch. Except that I wasn’t getting any more tired, actually it was kind of waking me up and getting my adrenaline going.

So this is it when I was a child I thought about how I would die, and this was definitely not on my list.

“Finally!” He shouted giving a little gruff. “I knew you would come around soon enough.”

“What are you talking about?” I shouted back a little distracted.

“Your eyes. They give you away!” He responded honestly.

“You are truly crazy if you think that you can tell what I am thinking by looking in my eyes!” I

“I am not reading your mind I see the fear, and it’s about time!”

Yep. He read me like an open book, and it was true he had found my true fear that was slowly starting to show. So I just sat there, but then I came up with an idea and went through with it. “Uh… Joe?” I stammered.

“What now?” He shot back.

“I think I am going to be sick!” I said slowly.

“Yeah whatever! I know you, and you don’t ever get sick!” He said knowing me.

“no really my throat! I’m…I’m I’m…..mblach! (was the only noise I heard) then I heard him yell, “uh! Gross! You got it on me!”

That was the only thing I could think of to save my life, to throw up on him then call the police. I knew that if I scared myself enough that I could trigger my gag reflex! Always be prepared. The second I got done I ran, but unfortunately so could he and when I tripped… Well I didn’t exactly get away he ran faster than I did and by the time I had gotten up he was there. He just stood there blocking my path to the nearby highway, once I saw him I began to cry so he walked toward me held me for a second…Then whispered in my ear, “Good bye Lisa.”

When I heard the words I started to cry harder, but did not move as I felt him lift the cool metal healer and take the pain away.

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on Sep. 20 2011 at 4:15 pm
awesome-1234 GOLD, Three Rivers, Michigan
15 articles 0 photos 2 comments
Very weird!  =D   But nice!

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