Trina Anderson

September 11, 2011
By Anonymous

I was at school one day talking to my friend and she told me that there was a “man” or something else that abducted people and turned them into alien like monsters, but she said that this “man” whom I think is really a monster, could make himself look like a human so people would trust him. But then he would turn them into monsters by biting them and then they were just like him and the process repeated with different monsters. The one monster that started the whole thing went by the name John when he was human looking. Of course I thought she was crazy and then I said to her “you have been watching too many sci-fi movies” and I left.
A few days later

It was Halloween night, it happened in year 2017 the night of Friday, October 30th. My name is Trina Anderson and here’s my story.

“Bye mom I’ll be back in a couple hours” I said before I walked out the door to go trick or treating. I was thinking about where I should go first, I decide to go to Mrs. Jones house first. Mrs. Jones house was on a rough side of town. So I walked to her house it took about five minutes from my house. I got to her house and got some candy. Then I kept moving. But then I heard a scream, I thought it was some kids messing with me so I ignored it, but then it happened again in much worse sounding way, so then I thought maybe it’s one of my friends in a costume or something. So I looked and no one was there, so I kept moving, then it got bad there were maybe five screams at once then there were people running so I of course freaked out and started running. The first thing that ran through my mind was “John”.

As I was running I heard something so I stopped and then on my shoulder appeared the hand of a “human” named “john”. But then he turned into himself. His hands were wet, slimy, green, and bumpy. He had the grossed bony, long fingers ever; he had 10 fingers on each hand with razor sharp nails that were like knives. The hand grabbed me and it cut me, I started bleeding and then I got away. After I got away I ran to my house which was way across town.
When I got home my mom left a note saying that she went out to dinner with my dad. I cleaned the cut and then I went to the police department. When I got there I showed them the cut and they said “yah whatever, kid go home you have the Halloween scare, everyone gets it, I did when I was a kid, go home get some rest clean your cut I’ll call your parents later.” Then he said, “say where do you live and what are your parents’ names, do they know your even here?” and I said “no you don’t understand, you can’t tell them especially my mom she’ll freak out!” they said “fine go home and we’ll forget everything that happened, okay!” and I said “fine but you’ll believe me sooner or later, it’ll happen to you too.” Then I went home and my parents were home and my mom said “what happened to your arm?” I said “nothing, just go cut by a piece of metal, nothing to serious.” She said “o well ok, clean it then go to bed, I love you honey. I said “love you too mom, see you in the morning.” I went to bed and got on my computer and looked this thing up, I thought I won’t find anything, but I did from this guy named, Nami Orow, he lived in India and he saw this thing too but we’re the only ones. There was a phone number on the sight so I wrote it down and just as I was going to call it my dad walked in to say good night so I told him what happened with the “fence cutting me” and ha said “ok well goodnight, love you see you in the morning.” And I said “love you too bye” and he left then I called this Nami guy. Someone answered the phone and I said “is this Nami Orow” and he said “yes, may I ask who this is,” I told him my name and everything that had really happened, and he believed me. We talked on the phone for hours about it and then he said “ well I must go it was amazing speaking to you, and good to know that someone believes me, no one has yet but you, I will speak to you later, thank you.” And I said “your welcome and thank you too we should keep in touch, goodbye,” then there was no sound but then a scream and I could faintly hear him say “he’s got me, heeeeelllppppp.” Then the phone went dead.

So the next day I sat at home watching TV and worrying but then all the sudden my mom screams and my dad screams and I hear a bang and I walk out and there is blood everywhere, and there is the monster looking straight at me. I ran into my room and got everything I would need to survive and I jumped out my window and left. I stayed under a bridge that night the next day I went home and my family on the floor, dead. So then I called the police and they came at first they thought I did it but then they thought that someone else came in during the night. The police officer remembered me and said “everything’s going to be ok.” So I believed it then they all went outside and I heard a sound so I went outside a they all had been killed. What was I supposed to do all my family either died in a car accident and the rest were in Germany? Then the monster came inside grabbed me and then I kicked him and got away.

12 years later
I need help everyone has died of a disease or the monster got to them. I am the only one on this earth. I am running out of food and water I haven’t gone outside for almost 1 year now. All signs of life have disappeared.

One week later
I have a little paper left so these are my final words.
Maybe it’s best if I die so I don’t have to live like this anymore.

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