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Curiosity can Kill

September 10, 2011
By beegee12 GOLD, Regina, Other
beegee12 GOLD, Regina, Other
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I stood in the shower in complete and udder silence. I knew where I was, I just could not comprehend what was happening. No water poured down, as I stood fully clothed and engulfed in darkness. I couldn't move or talk, nor did I want to. I wanted to just stand there in that darkness and gather my thoughts. Why was I even standing here completely oblivious to the world? I could not tell you for I do not know that answer myself. All I know is that I stand here for an unknown reason. Maybe it is preparing me for what I may face when I leave this room. I simply do not know.

I soon find out that I am able to move my body and slowly get out the tub. Darkness still hung around me, making me slow my movements. I reached for the light but nothing happened. On and off, on and Off. Butterflies started to take over my stomach, as I became more and more nervous. I knew that standing in the bathroom was not going to make anything better. I reached for the warm knob and slowly crept into the hall.

The floorboards creaked as I walked. I didn't quite know my destination but with every step, my heart raced. I reached the room at the end of the hall and realized that this is my sisters room. Wanting to make sure she was safe, for terror still had the best of me, I turned the cool knob and looked inside.

This room was not as dark as the rest of the house, but it still had an eeriness to it that sent shivers down my spine. I did not want to walk in this room and I knew it would not be a good idea either. For this reason, I just stood where I was and caught a movement on the bed, from the corner of my eye. I looked over and saw a figure slowly sit up, leaving it's legs straight on the bed. It looked over at me, tilted it's head to the side and slowly gave me a smile that made my heart stop.

After about a minute of looking at me, it pointed to the door and slowly laid back in bed. I came to the conclusion that it was my sister, and she wanted me to go into my parents room next door. Which is why I closed the door and reached for my parents door knob. The door knob was so cold that I gasped at the sudden temperature change. My knees were now shaking in terror and I knew I should not go in that room. Curiosity and foolishness got the best of me however, as I pushed open the door.

The door would not open all the way, which made me angry. I pushed hard but it wouldn't open any further and finally realized, that something was behind it. Some clothing perhaps. It was when I saw my dog rush past me that I realized it must be an animal. At that I gave the door the hardest push that I could and sure enough, out crawled a type of animal, or so I thought.

As it started to crawl into more lighter darkness, I had to force myself to breathe and stifle a scream. It was a hairless being, crawling on all fours, it's spine sticking out of it's back and long sharp teeth. I was repulsed and terrified but the terror won as I kicked this thing with all my might. It gave an high pitch scream that pierced my ears. It seemed angry as it's red eyes bore into mine and tilted it's head. It lunged at me only giving me time to scream, like I've never screamed before.

It pinned me to the ground and snapped it's mouth at me. I tried to push it off but it was too strong for me. As it slobbered on my face, I screamed in total and complete pain. The slobber was like acid and ate away at my face. I could feel my flesh melting and peeling away. I screamed one more time in pure agony as it reached my eye. My lips started to peel away as well, causing the screams to cease as whimpers, then nothing.

The author's comments:
I know it's creepier writing than I usually go for, but I hope you enjoy it. Also I know I didn't really "end" it but i'm going to leave it up to you, to use that creative imagination that I know everyone has.

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