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September 2, 2011
By Nishat PLATINUM, New York, New York
Nishat PLATINUM, New York, New York
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We lead our lives like water flowing down a hill, going more or less in one direction until we splash into something that forces us to find a new course.

I live in a college sorority house with my sister Eve, and my friend Natalie. It was the perfect day, with the sun shining blindingly and a soft breeze every other minute or so. We were driving back from food shopping when we saw the stranger standing in the heart of the street. She was wearing what was probably once a very well put together outfit, but now …........ well lets just say didn't even think it was a human being.

Just in time I hit the brakes really hard and thankfully no one got hurt (well except for Natalie who hit her head pretty hard on the backseat of Eve, but that was her own fault for not putting her seat belt on). I had my seat belt off and was out of the car in a flash. Natalie and Eve quickly followed behind me and we were by the stranger in a second. We all asked her what the hell she was thinking but all she could say was:
“I didn't mean to kill him.”
“What the heck are you talking about?” asked Eve. At this the stranger began to cry.

And then because we weren’t stupid we began to ask her questions like who she was and where she came from; but all we got was tears, snot, and “didn't mean to kill him” over and over again. By this time Natalie had walked over to the car to inspect it for any damage, she came back now and confirmed that no hurt had been inflicted on my baby.

Because the road wasn’t a main road and no one ever really used It we decided to take the stranger back with us. Natalie pulled some strings (her mom was a senator) and we were able to get Talia (that was the name written on the back of her clothes) into our university.

On campus and in our sorority Talia was reluctantly accepted. We believed in being nice to people and our Sorority elders saw her as their community service project. One reason for the reluctant acceptance was the constant mumbling Talia did. She was always quietly talking to herself. Most people chose to ignore this and wrote it off a psychological disorder brought forth from whatever trauma she experienced before we found her.

That night we having a little party. Just our sorority members, theirs friends, and their boyfriends.Talia was quiet all day and when people started to come she said she had a headache and locked herself in her room.

The party was going great until I heard a loud thud. Everyone else was reluctant to check it out, so being one of the hostesses, I had to go upstairs and check it out. The music downstairs was loud but as I got to our upper level it faded into the background.

To my surprise, when I got upstairs Tallia's door was open and the light was spilling into the hallway. Curious I walked into her room and was immediately hit by a horrid smell. The window was open wide in her room. Thinking of potential party crashers coming in through the window, I went and closed it.

The smell was still there and it seemed to come from the closet. Still curious I went to the closet, when I put my hand on the doorknob the hair on the back of my neck stood up. I turned and looked around. The room looked perfect to be a set for those types of horror movies. I also noticed that the music from downstairs had stopped playing and that I couldn’t hear anyone talking or laughing..... not a good sign. Still, I took a deep a breath and told myself I was being silly. I turned around and flung the closet door wide open.

Now let me tell you something about our closets, they are as tiny as hell. So at first I wasn’t afraid when something fell at my feet, things always fall out, that’s how small they are. I looked down and right at my feet was Eve, with a stab wound in her neck. The image didn’t register in my brain immediately.

I’ve watched many, many scary movies and have always thought that the female leads were always stupid for screaming, fainting, crying, or staring at the dead body of someone they knew. So instead of doing any of the above I stepped back (in case I contaminated the crime scene)and took deep breathes because while I thought I was smarter than them I was still human and it was absolutely horrible to find your best friend dead like that.

I turned around and quietly,but quickly, began running down the stairs, while reaching for my cellphone. As I pulled it out a quiet voice said,
“Don’t even think about it.” Standing in front of me was Talia. She was holding a gun to Nathan (Natalie’s boyfriend, or at least he was) head.

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