The Most Demented Place

August 30, 2011
By seamebu BRONZE, Henderson, Nevada
seamebu BRONZE, Henderson, Nevada
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Deep red skies, as deep as the blood that comes out of newly open wounds from your very flesh. The moon is a deep violet surrounded by green and black flames from the power Hell. Burning buildings with only the sounds of helpless children crying for an escape route, endlessly searching for love and care; and yet, when your pour soul walks in, waiting for your chance to save them, all you see is foot long carcasses rotting in their own feces and blood. Maggots are still crawling through out the children searching for food. Once was such a nice and happy place, now is damned in the what some would call Hell. No, this is only a glimpse of it. My view of Hell is way worse then even I can comprehend. Do I like Hell and hellish things? No. In fact, I am a follower of Christ. I believe that Heaven is my home. What has caused me to think of such horrible things is probably a curse. The sounds of the children's parents coming from across the street. Running around, confused and helpless, you find nothing but shards of glass sticking through women's limbs, centipedes and wasps surround their husbands. Just in front of a sign that reads: 'Holly Christian Church' you can see black hornets flying crazily around it. Walking through the middle of the street in disgust and fear, you see the only well house. Clean, organized, fixed, and beautiful compared to everything else in this demented area. Walking up the steps, you can't help but to notice that awful smell of death running through the floor boards just beneath your feet. Opening the door, you see the most elegant place since the Titanic. Gold walls and platinum spiral stairs. A dining room big enough for a party at the White House in Washington, D.C. With a moment to catch your breath, you smell that dreadful smell yet again. Wanting to get out and get away from it all, the beauty of the house gets the best of you and your curiosity kicks in. Slowly walking up the stairs, you now smell a terrible fire. Looking back, you still see this wonderful place; getting closer to the top you smell the flames growing stronger and decide to run the rest of the way. Still seeing nothing, you now believe you have gone insane from all that you've seen. Slowly opening the first door you see, the smell of death is there yet again. Peeking inside you see fresh blood dripping from the side of the gold comforter on the king sized bed. Going in further you see a husband and wife laying there, their chest open and hearts ripped out and place in the other person with their cords still in tact. Getting a closer look, you see that their eyes are missing and their lips are sewed shut. The couple is holding hands forcefully; a broken arrow is place in the center keeping them together. Having enough at the sight, you dash out of there quickly slamming the door behind you. Now on the floor in fetal position, crying and hyperventilating, you cant help but to find out the monster who has don't all this massacre. Not wanting to find out anymore of the house, you spring towards the stairs, or what was the stairs, and slip on a note that read 'Welcome new comer. We are happy to have finally found someone worthy of sacrifice. You see, ever since that dreadful day has come, we have waited and suffered for thousands of years for your arrival. Enjoy your stay, for you will soon be one of us.' Watching it disintegrate, you back away from the burning wall and try to find an escape route. The window, perfect place to jump out of if you have a death wish. Though, it is the only way out. Jumping through it, glass shards stick in you and blood automatically spits out your mouth. Now on the ground, soaked in your own tears and blood, you cry for escape; but now there's only one. You look around, find a glass shard, put it up to your throat and make a quick slice. Now your gone and is left for dead. All I can say is: good job my friend.

The author's comments:
I was planning on creating a book that people can read with the imagination of a reality nightmare. As bad as this might sound, my nightmares are as close to this and the other three I have created as possible. It's terrifying but makes a good story.

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