Not Always stays a dream.

August 17, 2011
By Summerrain GOLD, Coldwater, Michigan
Summerrain GOLD, Coldwater, Michigan
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you have to live life forwards, but you can only understand it backwards.

As your eyes begin to slowly close, your mind begins to drift off into unknown space of wonder...
Your enter this land of imagination witch only you can survive in, but little do you know even in your own creations things can go wrong.
You look behind you, there is someone walking slowly towards you, you look away, and begin to run, as you look back the world turns to hear screaming from all around, you begin to panic and fall, you look down at your hands, they are coverd in blood, you feel a sharp sting in your side, all you can hear are screams of death and the growling of animals in the dark, you stand up to start running again only to be pulled back down again, your ankles are bound to a pole, something is falling, like hail you hope but only for it not to be, with every drop it pierces your skin leaveing small bloody holes and incisions, you begin to scream in horror, but noone is around, you can smell the stench of death all around and see the glowing eyes of something not human. You close your eyes and repeat...this is just a dream, a dream a dream a dream...before you know it the feeling of sharp fangs are digging into your arm, you can feel your skin tearing off and hear the sound of your bones crushing in it's jaws, you hear a weird noise comeing from ahead..the wild beast runs in it a human? coming to save me? it is far to dark to see what lies feel a cold metal object slid down your chest, the back up, it starts to incision into your skin, sliding down it makes a large cut, you can feel your blood poor out of your body, your screaming soon ends as you wake to a knife piercing your chest...(sometimes a dream may seem real to you, but little do you relize, wats a dream can always come true in the end...)

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