Blind girl

August 17, 2011
By Summerrain GOLD, Coldwater, Michigan
Summerrain GOLD, Coldwater, Michigan
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you have to live life forwards, but you can only understand it backwards.

It was a dark cold night here in this small town of He** MI.. so as the little girl walks down the road she see the wrong thing and takes it the wrong way and runs and hides!!!!!! as she runs runs runs and runs, crying she dont know what is going on in this strange world, she looks around in confussion and fusstration, and keeps runnning from the dark she finds there is nowhere els to go or nooneels to talk to that will understand her problems, SNAP!!!! she wakes up, looks around the room CRACKLE, SNAP!!! shhhhhhhhhhhhhshhhhhhhhhhh she listens to the rain fall. lightning crack and thunder snap, she found out it was all a dream, all in her head. but wait...MOM, MOM, DAD??? BUBBA??? Where is everyone at? She calls some friends and none answers there phones she gets a little worried and freaks out a bit....She dose the dumbist thing she could do and runs outside in the horrid storm, she screams for friends and family but none comes, there are no cars all the houses are gone nothing in sight, just the prarrie and trees in the distance, she turns to run back home but her house has bannished into thin air, she falls on the ground fearfull and trembling in horror, not knowing what to do, the only thing left to do was go go away and never return, she grabes her pocket knife she carries for danger and TRACE<DOES<UNO....and all that surrounds her is dead silance for the rest of eternity. No sound, movement or even the slightist drop of rain was ever seen again...

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