August 6, 2011
I remember the terror. The pure fear I felt. The confusion came first. On the bus that I was leaving in. Waving goodbye to my parents. Then watching as their eyes started to glow red under the full moon a the bus took me away. It broke down in the middle of the woods. Then they all changed. The girl next to me, the bus driver, the boys in the seat behind me, everyone. I ran and ran and ran. I had to get away. Away from the monsters. Away from my former friends and family. Away from their glowing red eyes, their snarling teeth, their sharp claws. I had to get away, all alone, in the woods. I could never be saved. The forest was endless. For a 3 year-old girl, being chased by her loved ones, she knew that this would be the most terrifying thing ever. Then I woke up to my dog licking my face. But I remember the fear most.

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