August 15, 2011
The first thing you feel when you wake up is numbness. You open your eyes but you can’t see. Everything is in darkness. You try to move your hands but you can’t. They are chained together. You try to move your feet but they are tied just like your hands. You push yourself into a sitting position, only to fall right back down as a shocking pain fills your body. You feel something slowly drip down the side of your face. It takes you a few seconds but you realize that it is blood. Your blood. You try to scream but all that comes out is a soft cry. Laughter fills the room. It is an evil laughter that chills your body down to the bone. A sharp pain envelops your left leg. You give out a small cry. You feel another sharp pain in your right leg. You turn your head to see what is happening but all you see is the never ending darkness.

You hear something crash and then a few seconds later the lights turn on. The brightness hurts your eyes and you have to blink a few times before you get use to the light. The pain in your legs starts to worsen. Slowly you turn your head to look and instantly regret it. Down by your legs are rats. Lots of rats and they were all feasting on your legs. They kept taking bite after bite after bite. As your vision starts to go black you feel yourself heading into unconsciousness. But before you do the rats all scatter off. Your eyes are roughly covered with a blindfold and you are pulled up. You feel yourself being carried onto a table. Your hands are unchained only to be tied to the sides of the table. What is left of your feet is also unchained and tied to the table. You hear the laughter again and you try to pinpoint the source. The laughter is coming from right next to you. You try to make a sound but somehow you know it is useless.

You hear the starting of a chainsaw and your body fills with fear. Slowly you hear the chainsaw coming near you. Finally the chainsaw is right above you. The laughter fills the whole room and you will it to stop. Suddenly you feel the edge of the chainsaw pierce the area right above your right knee. You let out a cry. Your body and mind fills with pain as the chainsaw slowly cuts through your knee. The blood starts to flow out but you feel another pain. The area above you right knee feels like it is on fire. And this is when you realize that the area above your right knee isn’t bleeding anymore. The fire has stopped the blood flowing.

Your face is covered in tears. With every fiber in your body you will for this to stop but it is to no valid. The chainsaw has found its next target. Just above your left knee. It cuts through it like butter and only stopping once to get through the bone. Just like before you feel the burning sensation and you know what is happening. You are feeling your body being cut apart. You are being tortured. You begin to panic. You are afraid of what is going to happen next. You don’t want to die.

The chainsaw noise comes closer to your head and you feel it being placed on your right elbow. This time the chainsaw doesn’t go through the arm slowly. It is one quick movement. You feel the fired on your cheeks and you wish for it all to end. You hear footsteps walking around the table and you hear the chainsaw cutting through your left elbow. The pain is still there but your body is going numb. You feel the fire against what’s left of your arm. Your whole body is numb now. You hear the laughter and the footsteps stop to the left of your head. You feel the presence of something right next to your head. The laughter stops for a moment and you feel breath next to your left ear. You listen for something but nothing comes. You feel rough hands around your head and your blindfold is removed. The last thing you see is the edge of the chainsaw as it starts to slowly cut your neck and then everything goes black.

You are one of many people. You are a victim.

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