An excerpt from FroZeN

The quieted hush of voices drifted towards me through the elegantly carved door way at the end of the room. I took in the twisted oak that seemed to be lifting off the edges of the door frame. The smell of lavender and cinnamon wafted in, drawing me out and into the magnificent light that shown like a beacon at the top of a marble ceiling. Voices rose until they were just a hum; accompanied by bursts of laughter here and there.

I passed a large vase filled with dew sprinkled roses that looked like they were steaming. The petals were vibrant as the pink hued mist wafted from the blossoms. My skin; which was wrapped in a knee length violet dress seemed to glow from the inside out. I brushed a finger along the inside of my elbow; wondering if the texture would be hot from the small flame that sparkled within, yet my hand came away cool and unscathed.

Someone's laughter caught my attention as I took another step into the grand room. There were people there, the clothes they were adorned with glowed like my skin, but the arms and legs that twisted in an eerie waltz were different shades of gray. Their eyes were blood shot and the smiles that were pointed toward me were laced with yellow. They seemed to be corpses that were dug up from their dreamless slumber and placed in party frocks. Their movements resembled the marionettes lifeless limbs as they floated across the marble.
I walked through the crowd and shuddered as someone's arm brushed mine. Their skin was as dry and cracked as the pages of an old book. A sudden gust of wind broke through the room and the laughter was replaced with screams. Their once smiling faces were now twisted masks of terror as the wind whipped across their bare skin. In only a few seconds the screams had died down and i was surrounded by dresses and suits tossed around the room. The silky fabric had been thrown against the walls like a strangled wave brushing against the bleached rocks of a pristine beach.

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ForeverDreamLand0724 said...
Jul. 29, 2011 at 10:29 pm
Wonderful As Always My Dear ! Keep Writing Aubs !
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