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July 10, 2011
Musty, thick air surrounds my throbbing body, slowing touching each sore bone individually and increasing the pain to a point where it is nearly unbearable. Wet, dew-covered grass sits underneath me attempting to suppress the ache, but fails to do so leaving my whining voice to sail through the air. The sting seems to keep my aching limbs stuck to the ground; movement hurts too much to force. Howls continue to sound through the air before it stops leaving me to twitch alone. The surrounding air encompasses me in the terrible feeling that I am not alone and this thought continues to disrupt my prior peaceful awakening. Thrusting my right paw in the air the sensation of the wound’s agonizing twinge subsides as numbness takes its place. The scent of perfume has clung to my fur from the woman who was supposed to be my master, but instead deserted me. This perfume once was the scent of comfort, however, now it has become the scent of disappointment covered by a heavier stench of reality. Its awful smell runs into my nose defiling it with the disgusting memories it holds. I miss the times where none of this mattered, where no one would have a secret to hold over my head with one wrong move. Soon over the horizon you will be able to spot my arch nemesis rearing his ugly head from behind the sun. He will come just before anyone expects him and those who await his presence will be severely disappointment because blackness will come into view. It leaves me to be tormented without so much as the smallest amount of help from any of my pack members.
In my colony, anyone would describe me as the one who is always kind, gentle, and ready to help out the community. My life is theirs and they know that if necessary I would give it to protect the welfare of the village. They have become my master since we live in the wild and there is no real master to obey. Instead of returning this trust and love for me, their own brother and one of the family, they have deserted me. My puppy-dog youth is discarded as the very core of my being is taunted with the way of life it so desires. All of the values that have been kept so close to me these past few years are beginning to fall through the cracks because no one else has the same morals. In the background the Song of Family plays in tune with the Song of Togetherness, but somehow I am the only one who hears its harmony and is singing along with the melody. Below me my feet are very cold in the frigid air, which seems to be solidifying right before my eyes and as my breath hits the air it becomes an icicle very quickly. So, how did my personality become so dark, horrid, scared, and fearful? How did it change from loving society to the judgment that distressed me in my arousing this sunrise? It was one moonlit evening, it only happens once in a blue moon, or so I’ve been told. The moon crawled its way from behind the blackness to greet the people below it with a bright smile. Shining like a fire in the night sky next to the stars it seemed so pleasant to me that evening. The beautiful landscape behind me sat iridescent in the light giggling at the tragedy that would occur later on. It mocks my ordinary life and convinces the greater powers to ruin it, unfortunately such a request was granted.
Silently thinking along the rocks, which convene beside the Oceanside, a thick fog interfered with my thoughts intruding on my mind without so much as the slightest scent of remorse. It had disturbed me very much on that particular night. That is crystal clear in my memory, but pushing things aside has always been an easy task for me. She stood on all four paws, proud as can be on that dusty hillside. Sand combined pieces of dirt covered the long pathway to where I was resting. She walked slowly making sure to dig each paw into the mud, carefully and casually attempting to make this all seem ordinary. Sensing that something is wrong, my front paws lifted up so that it would have come to run if such an opportunity became essential. As a wolf, I have become used to the sense of danger and constant predatory sense even though it is not in the nature of my other being. My other being was created by this devil, but I could not see that. The film of the nighttime sat over my eyes blinding me from her lean figure and challenging me to not be lost in her immense beauty. Her true nature had been camouflaged among her understanding manner; words flowed through the air as delicate as the night’s sky. Then she began to speak, in a tongue I could not decipher with the little time she gave me to as her tone changed. It was almost too light to hear but as my ears adjusted to the volume of her whimper, slowly her distorted angelic voice became audible. Then, her body caught up with her voice morphing into this individual my eyes had never seen before.
The dirt beside me scolded me for staring at her, but something urged me to pay attention to her because something felt oddly familiar. The Song of Instinct rang through the air as my body turned into an upright position, tensed and awaiting the next action of this beautiful mortal beside me. She turned her head but her face was pale and this thick covering sheltered her entire body from the external world. Her foreign, alien appearance mangled with my sense of veracity and agonized me. Material was enclosed over this casing, but this fabric was many shades of colors and tightly hugged her body fitting it like another pelt. Then she leisurely strutted towards me and I was hooked, stuck to the ground, as my bones turned to liquid motionless as she mesmerized me with her exquisiteness. Afterwards she reached her destination her body stopped, her horrific sense of humor settled in as her became the unspeakable. Her horrifying laugh cackled through the fog snatching my actuality and twisting it into the calamity I now believe it to be. She took her vampire-like fangs that you hear about in legends and dropped them into my neck in one swift motion.
That was the night everything that had ever had meaning in my life dissolved into thin air. She made me a beast.
After that catastrophic evening I became a manwolf. Wolf by day but as soon as the dark side of the moon rolls around the corner my body changes into the awful creature that female was. A tall, gangly figure with “skin” or so that is how someone told me they describe their hide. Happy endings are for fairytales, but this is a nightmare.

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Love.Hate.Passion. said...
Aug. 8, 2011 at 10:37 pm

Great and creative spin on the overused werewolf subject!

I enjoyed this piece , and actually wished you would have made it longer :)

Livvy97 replied...
Aug. 9, 2011 at 10:14 am
Thank you, I think I will try to extend it
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