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the Golden Idol of King Gabriel

I was nine. It started out as a normal day. Dad had to finish a presentation and had left for work early. My older brother Matt and I had been playing in the back yard while mom was inside making us lunch. All of the sudden we heard a spine chilling scream. “Stay in the shed!” Matt ordered me before he hurriedly ran towards our home. I waited anxiously in the shed for Matt to come and get me. Those few minutes were like long agonizing hours with all the adrenaline and fear pumping through my veins. That’s when I heard the shot of a gun, “BANG!” In that moment dread spread through me and I could not stand it any longer; I burst from the shed. I had barely ran five feet when “BOOM!” One moment my house was there, the next moment there was nothing but rubble in its place. I knelt on the ground and screamed, “Matt, Mom!” After I picked myself up, I ran like the wind to my nearest neighbor’s house and called my dad, he was here in less then ten minutes. I had lost everything that day my mom, my brother, and I didn’t know it then but whatever chance I had at a normal life. The police never found my brother and mom had died in the explosion. Later that year I found out why that day turned out the way it did. Family history was always a touchy subject with my dad. On my tenth birthday, I finally knew why. Our family originated in England. Dad’s family was part of a divine group whose sole mission in life was to rid the world evil. In that world our family is royalty, mostly because one of my great grandfathers was the founder of our covenant. Normally the oldest in the family would be given the responsibility of carrying on the family’s legacy; the rest would be free of the burden if they chose so. With Matt gone the responsibility was now mine. Because I was a girl I would become a searcher. Searchers looked for an ancient relic, a golden idol which once belonged to the founder of our covenant. In his time our founder was a king, and was respected by all. Before he died it’s said that he mustered up the last of his power and transferred it to a golden idol. What my great-grandfather, King Gabriel didn’t know was that he put enough power not only to rid the world of all evil but of all good as well. And so the race began to see which side would get to it first.
Nonetheless nine years have passed since that unfaithful afternoon. After all the training I went through who would’ve guessed that the idol was somewhere under New York City.” I can’t believe that there’s this many rats in the subway tunnels.” my partner Julie said. “What was that?” she asked. “It’s just a bottle” I said calmly. Like me Julie was a searcher. She was quiet, kind, and had also lost her mom at a young age. The abandoned subway tunnel smelled of rats and trash. If it weren’t for our flashlights it would’ve been pitch black in there. Our shadows danced creepily on the walls. Up ahead we saw something we didn’t expect… a dead end; part of the tunnel had been blocked off by pieces of concrete. Well I guess this looks like a job for some explosives. Julie and I both placed some down gently and backed away. “BOOM!” Now we had a way to get through the tunnel.
Just as we crossed the barrier our lights went out. But not before we saw something jump in the shadows.” You have to be kidding me.”, we both said angrily. At that moment the tunnel began to glow. We realized excitedly that these were the instructions to get to the idol. Julie stared mystified, while I read the instructions carefully... All we had to do was walk a couple miles and we would be there, the only problem was that after a few feet the glowing light would go out. Taking a glow stick out of our backpack we started our journey to the most powerful idol that ever existed. Meanwhile while Alexandra and Julie followed the trail for the idol someone was following them.
As soon as we walked two and a half miles we had come up to the door of the chamber. “The good news we made it to the chamber door, bad news is how are we supposed to open it.”, asked Julie. Even though Julie didn’t know how to open the door I did. “Julie turn around. “, I ordered. She looked at me questioningly but did not disobey my order. Immediately on the door I wrote the secret image that would get me into the chamber. At first nothing happened but then a low moaning sound started and the door opened. “How did you do that?” Julie exclaimed. In no time I had my bag and was running into the chamber. ”Stay out here until I come back!” I shouted at her. I walked for a few minutes and before me was a small chasm. If ran fast enough I could make the jump and that’s exactly what I planned on doing. I through my bag over my shoulders and ran as fast as I could launching myself over the edge. I had gained enough speed to get me across and had landed with a thump. Nearby I saw a light glowing in a room and I knew I had made it. Excitedly I ran into the chamber. Within the chamber was a pedestal made of stone, on top of the pedestal was the idol.
The idol was nine inches long, about two inches wide and was gleaming gold. I placed the idol in my bag and started my way out. Getting it was easy, finding it was the difficult part. Finally I could go home again; I hadn’t seen my dad in years. When I came out the entry way I saw Julie on the ground unconscious. I slipped off my bag and ran over to see if she was okay. “Julie are… ”, at that moment I had been struck in the head. I hit the ground hard but not before seeing someone I thought I had lost come out of the shadows. “Hello again Alexandra.” said Matt wickedly.

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ginger1993 said...
Feb. 26, 2012 at 12:28 pm
i really enjoyed this. keep writting because i want to know what happens next!!! :)
JerseyGrl-008 replied...
Mar. 8, 2012 at 11:31 am

Thanks so much for reading it...i will try to have more up soon :)


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