the Edge of Fate

July 18, 2011
As I stand there waiting in line not knowing if I will Survive I think back on my past and think about all of the things i should have done like staying in dance,not missing a year of soccer, telling my family that I love and appreciate them more often than I did. Doing what I was told to avoid getting hurt.but i was one told "live without regrets." So I begin to thank of all the good times I've had with my friends and family. As the line keeps moving forward and it gets closer and closer to being my turn. I then have a huge ball of fear form in my stomach! The fear of not being able to run fast enough. The fear of my knee giving out or them seeing that I run with a gimp. I hope that I pass. I think my biggest fear is to be burned alive I don't want to be one of those people that you think of when you see smoke. I want to keep fighting for my life! So I start to run as hard as I can. Taking it one stride at a time going as fast as possible to determine my fate...

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