Into the Night

July 22, 2011
By , valdosta, GA
Breath, he thought shutting his eyes and inhaling slowly shutting out the sounds of the dark night scene behind him. Clenching his hands he began softly chanting under his breath as if trying to will himself away from this place. “Why? Why did i come here i hate this i hate these places...why" repeating these thoughts to himself he tried and figure out the answer to this question that seemed to elude him. It was as if the voices of siren have been whispering into the darkest parts of himself willing him into this place. So here he was in this dark room, lite only by flashing neon lights, and the steady glow on the mass of bodies on the dance floor. Shuddering to himself, he rubbed his hands together and leant against the bar, his eyes wandering around as if subconsciously searching for reason he came here. "You came," he jumped startled by the sound of low voice in his ear. Turning to the sound, his eyes drank in the beauty of its owner. She had eyes the color of the ocean floors with a look in them that seemed like she held all the worlds secret, knew all of the world’s desire, and he hair was the color of a ravens wings, it was so black, so soft so enticing. Unknowingly to himself he began to reach for it wanting to touch its softness for himself. Follow me, “she said leaning away an inviting smile dancing across her lips, “escape with me," she said holding out her graceful pale hands. Mesmerized the he placed his hand into her letting her lead him across the floor, the people parting but without stopping the hypnotic movement of there bodies. Suddenly they were outside, in an alley behind the building the exited from. The cold air whipped against his face, jarring him out of his stupor but it was too late. She had him pressed against the wall; she was inhaling his scent licking her lips. He whimpered a small part of his soul crying out, sensing it was prey to a predator it could fight, and knowing it was the end of its life. As she kissed up his neck he could feel her smile triumphed against his skin. Finally he felt her cold lips against his cheek, then his lips and hers met, his warm flesh meddling with his icy cold as him mind melted away into Nothingness.

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eMiLyP said...
Jul. 27, 2011 at 7:54 pm
This is really good! It's really alluring and I totally want to read more if you write more! Great job!
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