Escaping Hell

July 15, 2011
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As the light filled the room, fear struck through their hearts. They all looked around and immediately take cover, because they came to realization that they were exposed to their enemies.

“Arighty now, what’s going on?” The Cowboy asked. He picked up his brown, stained hat and placed it on his head. He then dusted himself off. From his white shirt to his faded brown pants, on down to his worn out black boots, he looked exhausted. He takes a stretch and reaches for his knotted rope. “What are you looking at?” he questioned The Indian.

The Indian never replied, but instead she looked around, dazed and confused. She dusted her brown fur clothes and then dusted her white, brownish snow boots. Then she braided her long, silky black hair down the back of her head. When she stood up her lovely round face was calm, but as she looked around she became fearful. Her dark eyes matched perfectly with her dark caramel skin.

The White Man then asked, “How did we get here?” He kept his distance between him and The Slave Woman in the corner.

She kept her head down, until her white bandanna loosened. She used her wrinkled hands to tie it back it up. Her brown, long, wet, dirty dress was turned at the bottom. Her black muddy shoes were untied and her long, stained, white socks were also, muddy. Her dark brown face had blood running like tears from her right eye.

‘I guess she was trying to run away,’ thought the White Man.

He was a jolly old man with a brown mustache. He seemed to have known the slave. His brown and white suit was not fitting him correctly; instead it squeezed his stomach into his pants. His black shiny shoes showed that he was rich indeed. As he walked around this circular room, he started to beat on the walls. “Hold, hold!” The Cowboy shouted, “Now what in the Sam’s’ hill are you doing?” “Escape, I’m trying to escape!” replied the White Man. He kept beating on the walls, and then he realized that the noise echoed like a hallow thump each time he would beat on the walls.

“It’s hopeless, we are trapped in here,” cried the White Man.

“Well I could’ve told you that two blue moons ago,” said the cowboy.
It doesn’t make any sense, and these people act as if they don’t care, The White Man thought.

“Hey! Over there . . . you, you with the dark skin” The Cowboy insulted the Slave for attention. She finally looked up. “Do you or that squaw over know what time or day it is?” He asked the Slave pointing at the Indian. The Indian and the slave remained silent and off to themselves. “Well do you?” The White Man asked anxiously.

“Do any of you?”

“Wasa rush, Mista?” The Slave Woman asked the White Man?

“Rush? Ain't no rush! I just can’t take being trapped in this room! I can’t take it!”

“Gotta be somewhere, Mista?”

“I don’t reckon so,” replied the White Man. “How about you? What were you all doing before you all came here?” he asked curiously.

“I don’t remember,” replied The Slave and The Cowboy.

They all looked at The Indian and wondered if she could speak English. By her expression, she didn’t know where she was or how she got in that place herself. They all looked around the room and the sense of confusion was in the air. They sat in a circle in the middle of the floor, as quietness filled the room quickly.

“I reckon we should think up a plan to get us out of this here hellhole,” The White Man said.

“What you suppose we do?” asked The Cowboy.

“Let’s make a chain up that there wall and we can climb over it,” suggested The White Man.

“Naw now….nope not a chance!” said The Cowboy.

“So you wanna be trapped in here? Fine by me!” said the White Man.
At the thought of this, everyone looked at the White Man and looked at each other. The White Man put his back against the wall, while The Cowboy stood The Indians’ and Slaves’ back against to climb over the White Mans’ shoulders. He then placed his back on the wall.

“Come on” said the White Man to the Slave.

She looked and stepped on the Indians’ back and climbed on The White Mans’ shoulders, gripped the Cowboys’ belt, and she climbed onto his shoulders. She too, placed her back against the wall. The Indian took the Cowboys’ rope and passed it up to the slave. The Slave held it with it a firm grip and made sure she was stable. As the Indian crawls pass the White Man, to the Cowboy, she finally made it to the Slave.

The Slave held it as tight as possible, but The Indians fur clothes were too heavy and The Slave lost her balance and fell on the Indian. The Indian fumbled on the Cowboy, and the Cowboy fell on the White Man. The White Man crashed onto the floor. He attempted to stand, but couldn’t, for his leg was broken.

They all sat there weeping. They sat there trapped. The Cowboy rose on his feet and began to pace the room. They realized that they got there couldn’t remember anything they couldn’t remember anything they were doing before they woke up in that dreadful place.

Now they realized that they were never hot, cold, sleepy, hungry, and they didn’t feel any sense of pain. They go back to the middle of the floor and stare at each other. The White Man looks at his leg and begins to panic and he cried until his eyes were swollen.

“Shh! Shh! You hear that there voice?” The heard Cowboy asked.

“You don’t say?” The White Man replied.

“Mommy I want this one”

“No, honey his leg seems to be broken”

“How about this one, the cowboy”

“Honey, put that down”

“But mom…”

“Drop the doll back in the doll back in the Lost & Found Can, please!”

“Oh, alright”

As the young boy drops the doll back in the Lost & Found Can, The Cowboy, The Indian, The Slave, and The White Man lay there stiff, stiff as a board. They lay there. Lifeless, they lay there.

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