She's Coming

June 26, 2011
By IvoryDusk BRONZE, Ridgecrest, North Carolina
IvoryDusk BRONZE, Ridgecrest, North Carolina
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As I walked down the street I got that strange feeling that someone was watching me. I glanced back and saw a tall lady. She was back, the lady with the bright red lips. I walked faster, pulling my coat tight around my face thanking the rain for stopping its persistent drizzle. She sped up too. I kept glancing back, trying to get a good look at her. She had tall black stilettos that clicked on the wet pavement with each long stride, and a black skirt and hugged her legs until right above her thighs. Her black shirt was tucked into the skirt and, compared with her attire, her skin was snow white. A black hat was propped on her head with a black veil covering all but her red lips. My heart pumped faster and I began to run. The streetlights flickered off one by one until the only light left was that of the full moon. I didn’t notice the girl on the sidewalk until I ran into her. We tumbled to the concrete and I heard a loud smack as my head hit the ground.

“Oh my goodness! Are you okay?” the girl helped me up carefully. My breath cam in ragged gasps and my hands shook. I turned my head and saw her lean form coming towards me with even, menacing steps. I struggled away from the girl and ran, stumbling and slipping as my vision blurred. I tripped on a crack and fell. I tried to keep going, crawling away from her. I scrambled into an old deteriorating building. Peeking out of a broken window I could just make out a black figure with blood red lips. A mouse ran past my hand and I managed to whisper a two-word warning to it before everything went black.

“She’s coming.”

I woke up in my bed drenched in cold sweat. Breathing heavily, I rubbed my throbbing head. I closed my eyes and red lips danced behind my eyelids. The wind rattled my windows and blew them open, causing me to start. I got up and closed them, making sure I locked them as well. I stared out the window into the black night.

“I’m coming,” whispered a dripping scarlet mouth.

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