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July 10, 2011
“The innocent and pure of heart can be hiding in the worst of sinners.”

That quote, I’m afraid, had proven to me to be true. That night will haunt me for the rest of my days that I stay in this horrid place that depicts me crazy. Mental. Insane. Mad. A murderer. However you want to look at me. But I know for a fact that I’m not either of those things; what happened to my friends and I (God rest their Damned souls) that night is completely true. Even though none of them are breathing to vouch for my innocence.

We were stupid.

We thought that it would be fun, you know. To conjure up some spirits and talk to them. We’re all into that supernatural stuff. We weren’t thinking that anything could happen. That anything could go wrong. We just wanted to have some fun. Yeah…nothing could go wrong. That’s what we thought, anyway. That was far from our minds.

We did it in my living room. My parents were away for the whole weekend. We didn’t do that regular teenage stuff, no; we did something far beyond that. We where all good; we weren’t going to get caught.

Well, we thought we were all good.

None of us were scared or nervous; we use a Ouija Board all the time to talk to passing spirits. But tonight, we didn’t want a passing spirit, ghost, or anything thing like that. We wanted something that could give us a rush. We wanted something dangerous. We wanted a possession.

Oh, we were so stupid.

So, so stupid.

We all lit six white candles and sat in a tight circle, putting the candles around the outside of us in another circle. Everything was off in the house. We were all sitting close together, with Ashley, our median in the center.

We didn’t say a prayer of protection.

We didn’t stop to think.

We joined hands, and that’s when all hell broke lose.


“We call upon the higher entities of the universe. Come talk to us please. If you are here, give us a sign.” I spoke confidently. I closed my eyes, waiting for something to happen. When nothing felt different, I reopened my eyes and blew out a sigh. I slumped my shoulders and was about to give up and say let’s just watch TV, when an icy wind started to circle me, and then the whole circle. Forming another circle around us. My heart started to beat faster, and my stomach started to drop. I should have known that was the first two signs that something was totally wrong.

Should have…

I looked to my left when I felt a hand gripping the life out of mine. It was Tylie. From the light of the candles, I could see that her blue eyes had fear in them, and she was shaking so bad, her blonde curls were bouncing off her shoulders. I gave her a reassuring smile.

“We give you Ashley, a willing median. If you can possess her, please show us.” Devan spoke from my right. And that was all that he had to say.

We had just entered hell, but little did we know.

The candles’ fire started to grow bigger and bigger around us, forming a cage like thing. Trapping us in. That should have been the all-call for me to stop this right then and there. Blown out every candle and turned on every light. But I didn’t. Something was holding me back. Maybe it was curiosity. Maybe it was my stubbornness.

I don’t know.

Tylie gripped my hand tighter. I could feel her shaking, now. I looked around the circle; everyone else looked pleased and calm with a hint of excitement. I looked up center at Ashley. Her eyes were closed and she was breathing deeply. I was hoping that this would work. We waited five minutes. Ashley’s breathing had stopped several times, and then it stopped all together for a good two minutes. We thought that was normal; none of us really thought to look up possession advice. We should have.

Suddenly, Ashley's head jerked back, then to the right. It stayed there for a while. Her eyes were still closed. Her mouth was closed. I shifted in my crossed-legged pose, and God I wish that I didn’t see what happened next. Ashley jerked her head back, all the way, until a crack was heard and the bone was sticking completely out. All of our eyes grew wide, and Tylie started to scream loudly in hysterics.

“Blow out the candles! All of them, quick. Turn on the God damned lights.” I shouted, letting go of Tylie and proceeding to knock over every candle I could, making the cage of fire disappear. No one hesitated to listen to me. Within seconds, all the candles where out, and we where all cowering in the corner of the living room, right beside the door. Before the candles went out though, I saw Ashley’s head roll to the side, and a large, evil, murderous smirk on her face.

I flipped the light switch behind me and gasped when I looked back up at Ashley. Her head was dangling to the side, her right ankle twisted all the way around, and she was slumped over. Her eyes were completely black, wide open. She looked evil. Because she now was. Ashley wasn’t there anymore. Long gone. Dead. What was there now was a demon. And he wasn’t going to go away.

She had become an open, vacant body. A cell for the damned. And we had done this to her…

She was standing still, like a statue, in the middle of the room. Not breathing. (I don’t think demons had to.) I quickly looked behind me; only Tylie, gripping my shoulders tightly, Devan, his arm around me protectively, and Marcus, trying to comfort Tylie as best he could stood there.

My eyes grew wide. Oh s***. “Where’s Morgan?” I whispered.

“Ashley…Ashley, are you okay?” We all zipped our heads up to see Morgan standing a few feet away from Ashley, her hand out-stretched towards her. We all stood still in fear, breathing heavily. I wanted to go and get her. I wanted to run and save one of my best friends. But I couldn’t move. I couldn’t move…

“Morgan—Morgan don’t—“ I whispered in fear. Ashley raised her hand to Morgan’s, smiling innocently. And for a minute there, I thought that the real Ashley was back. But I knew better; she was dead. Really, really dead.

Morgan turned to us, relief washed on her face. “Guys, she’s fine—“ And just like that, my life long sister was gone in front of my eyes. Ashley broke her neck with one swift move of her hands. Not just broke, but tore off. She tore her head off completely. Blood splattered everywhere around the room. Everyone screamed. Beside me, Tylie wailed at the top of her lungs. I tried to scream, but I was too scared. Mortified. So when I opened my mouth, nothing came out. I did push everyone behind me, though.

“Th—the door. Open the front door!” I yelped. I heard them trying to pull open the door.

“Lynn, it won’t open!” Marcus shouted. S***—s***—s***—s***! My eyes shifted around the room; Ashley (or whatever she was now) was still in the center of the room, lapping up some of the blood on the floor. I felt sick. So sick. She was sneering, a wide, hideous grin that made me want to shrivel up on the floor and die. She cocked her head to the side again and smiled, showing off her teeth. They had become sharp, now. And her finger nails where talons. She was walking towards us, her feet dragging.

“Lynn…Lynn what do we do?” I shifted my eyes again. The stairs where only a couple feet away from us. “Lynn—!” Tylie was practically raping my shoulders with her nails, drawing some blood. I didn’t feel it, though. I closed my eyes and said the first thing that came to my mind.

“Run,” I mumbled.

“What?” Devan asked.

“RUN!” I shouted, pushing Tylie in front of me and proceeding to push her little butt up the stairs. I heard Ashley snarl as we ran as fast as we could up my never-ending stairs. At the end of my hallway was my room. I burst through the door and slammed it shut once everyone was in, locking it. Marcus and Devan pushing my huge dresser in front of it. I ran my hands through my hair and began to pace around my room.

“What. Is. That. What the hell is that!?” Marcus shouted, pointing at my door with a violently shaking finger. I shook my head in my hands and continued to pace.

“Did you see that? Did you fucking see that? She—he—it just ripped Morgan’s head off!” Devan shouted. Tylie began to whimper loudly from the corner of my room that she was in, by the window.

“Lynn, what do we do?” Marcus asked.

I shook my head wildly. “I don’t know! I don’t know!”

“This was your idea!” He accused.

“Well you agreed.”

“I cannot believe you didn’t once think about this happening.”

“Well I didn’t see you objecting when the fire started to go crazy and form a circle around us!”

“Oh, f*** you, Lynn!”

“Well f*** you, too, Marcus!”

“Shut up, both of you. Fighting like this isn’t going to solve anything.” Tylie shouted in a shaky voice. It was the first time she had raised her voice since this happened, and I wasn’t objecting to it; fighting like this really wasn’t going to solve anything. If this could be solved…

I didn’t know.

I pressed my ear up to the wall. It was silent out there. “Hey, guys, I think that it’s fine—Tylie, get away from the window!” It was too late; She leaned up against the window, and then was pulled out. The glass broke around her, and a hand shot through her. Literally. The hand went through her stomach and then pulled its self out. Tylie fell the my floor, her blue eyes wide in shock and her mouth open in a scream that never had a chance to escape. Mine did, though. I screamed as loud as I could, finally, and turned away. To see her like that...knowing that I couldn't have done anything... It broke my heart even more.

The demon in Ashley’s body jumped through the window and crawled up the wall. I stumbled back. What the hell were we going to do now? My door was sealed off, and I was sure that if we tried to move it, we would all be dead within a matter of seconds. Well, we were sure to all die anyway.

My eyes shifted from Devan to Marcus to Ashley. My room was big, but if it wanted to attack, we were toast. It was still in the ceiling. Like a large human spider, its legs all bent out of shape, and it’s head turned completely around to stare at us. I gulped. It was right above our only way out; the window. Devan moved towards me slowly, pushing me behind him. I held his hands in mine, my heart about to pound out of my chest; it was so fast and loud. The demon sniffed the air. I was sure that it could smell our fear. And I was very sure that that's what fueled it.

Marcus stepped forward. My eyes grew wide. “Marcus, no, what the hell are you doing?” I hissed. He waved me down, not taking his eyes off of the demon on the corner of my wall.

“If you guys can get out of the window and run to get help… Then it’s something that’s got to be done.” He said just barely moving his lips. No way; he was really going to give his life so that we can escape? I mean, I’ve heard of best friends giving their lives for one another...but I never…

“Okay.” Devan nodded.

“Devan…” I trailed off.

“Lynn, it’s the only chance we got. We have to do it.” He sighed. I had no choice but to agree.

“Once I distract it and it gets off that wall, you two run and jump. It’s not a long fall, I’m sure you know that, Devan.” He was referring to when Devan used to—still does—sneak up to see me at night. “Run. Just run.” We nodded, and then Marcus took in a deep and shaky breath. I saw tears falling down his face. I wanted to give him a hug. I wanted to tell him that there must be another way that we can get out of this alive. Together. But I knew that there wasn’t. Someone had to die so that we could get help. And Marcus chose himself.

The next few minutes ran past me. Marcus threw a shoe at the demon. It wailed and launched at him. He fell to the ground with it on top of him. Devan grabbed my hand and bolted towards the window. Within a blink of an eye, he wrapped me in his arms and we fell. It was a short fall. I landed on top of him. He landed on the ground with a grunt and a slight scream. I jumped up, shaking the dizziness from my head. Devan tried to stand, but lost his balance and fell back down.

“S***, I twisted my leg.” He winced.

My eyes grew wide. “What do we do? What do we do?” I mumbled, panic rising in my voice. He put his hands on my shoulders and stared me in the eyes.

“That’s only going to keep it occupied for a few more seconds.” He nodded his head up to the window where Marcus was still screaming. God. It was playing with him. It made me sick. “I can’t run. You have to go, go get help.”

“But I don’t wanna go without you!” I cried.

He nodded. “I know you don’t. But you have to. Hey, I’m on the soccer team, do you honestly think that I’m going to let that damn thing kill me?” He asked cockily.

I raised my eye brows. “The soccer team… What the…”

“Please, let me have confidence.” He said, kissing me. He pushed me away and I started to run. I didn’t look back. I couldn’t. I knew that he was going to die. He knew that he was going to die. And that’s what tore me up inside.

I ran as fast as I could through the woods. Yeah, I know, horrible horror movie cliché. But it was true; it just so happened that I lived in the middle of no where and the only way I can get to a road quick enough is to run through the woods. The faster I ran the more and more I wanted to turn back and get Devan.

It was when I heard him scream and a high pitch, wicked snarl that I picked up my pace to my fastest speed and didn’t think about going back anymore. My heart was burning and so where my legs, but I knew that I couldn’t stop running. I had to run until I got to the road. Too bad it was too dark for me to see anything. It would be just my luck if I—

And that’s when I fell—

I tumbled to the ground and stopped on my back. I laid there for a few minutes, thinking and staring up at the stars. I heard foot steps catching up to me. There was no way that I was going to be able to make it to the road in time; it was about three more miles away. (Yeah, that’s how far away from civilization I am.) I pulled myself up by a tree trunk and started to run again. Marcus and Devan didn’t give their lives so that I could just die. I had to go…I had to get away.

I dodged behind a tree and held my breath when I heard the rapid foot steps come to a stop a few feet away from me. I trembled and had to cup my hand over my mouth to keep from screaming out in sheer terror. I heard it walk past me, and I closed my eyes. Praying that it wouldn’t see me. Praying that I could just make it out of this alive. Praying…

The foot steps stopped, and I opened my eyes. My heart almost stopped. I was too terrified to scream. It was standing in front of me. Inches from my face. Staring down into my soul. Those black eyes glistened in the light of the bright moon. It cocked its head to the side and turned its lips into a wide, evil grin, showing off those rigid teeth that made my skin crawl. A grin mocking me that it had, indeed, won.

I scooted as far back into the tree as I could, turning my face away from it, squeezing my eyes tightly. I was shaking violently. Its hands gripped my face and pulled my head back so that I was looking at it again. I couldn’t help but to open my eyes; if I was going to die, I wanted to face my killer. It said not a word as it stared at me.

After a few minutes, I slowly opened my mouth, finding what little of my voice that I had left. “W-w-w-what do y-y-you wa-want?” I stuttered, trying to keep my voice calm. It wasn’t working. It smirked at me again and then leaned into my neck, whispering in my ear.

“I want the White Soul of the person that summoned me here tonight.” It said, its deep voice resonating in my head. I gulped again, trying to get the heat of its breath away from me.

“W-what are you taking about?” I asked, this time succeeding in keeping my speech normal.

It smirked again. “A Pure Soul. The soul of someone Holy.”

I got it. “But I’m a sinner.”

“The innocent and pure of heart can be hiding in the worst of sinners.” It was his victory. That bastard that had my soul in his grip. With one slash, I would be dead.


I never really thought about it until that night. That horrible night. I suppose that I had nothing left to live for after that night. And how I survived after that, is beyond me. After he said his last words, he tried to slash my throat and suck me dry. It didn’t work. When he tried to slash me, his flesh started to burn. And then he disappeared with screaming. And Ashley’s body fell to the ground in front of me. Lifeless. Dead. They where all dead.

But why not I?

If I really do indeed have a White Soul, then why am I here? Locked up in this white room with no chance of ever seeing daylight again? If I have such a Pure Heart, then why couldn’t I save my friends that night? Why did I live? Why me?

The doctors diagnosed me with a severe case of schizophrenia. I’m taking my medications like I should. They said that I was the one that killed my friends. I. Me. The killer. They said that I snapped when the Séance didn't work and everyone called me a liar. ...Just, snapped... I heard them talking, they said that I was completely crazy, living in my own little fantasy world with demons and White Souls, and that I had absolutely no hope of recovering. They said that I’m going to be in here until the day I die.

I’ve been in here for five years, now.

And sometimes, I talk to my friends; they say that it’s hot down in hell.

I’m going to be joining them soon…

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