The Bathroom

June 30, 2011
By Hillary Adkins BRONZE, Catlettsburg, Kentucky
Hillary Adkins BRONZE, Catlettsburg, Kentucky
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“Lindsee?” I called from the kitchen, “Linds, are you in there?” I guess not Lindsee went to the bathroom while we were eating and she has been in there forever! I am starting to get a little worried so I think I should go knock on the door.

When I knock on the door the most peculiar thing happens. The door creeks open and I step in to a room with no light on but yet I can see clearly. And if that isn’t odd enough Lindsee is no where to be found.

“LINDSEE!” I yell loudly. No answer I yell again, still no answer. “Lindsee this isn’t funny where are you?” once again no answer.

I am freaking out! Where could she be? I go back to the kitchen and have a drink of water. Maybe I just imagined it, I thought. So I went back into the bathroom and this time there was a strange vortex swirling in the toilet! I look inside and get dragged into it.

I am still falling, I have been falling for what feels like hours until I finally land on a rough concrete flooring. “Ow!” I mutter. I am in a big empty room, it’s dark and cold. The floor is wet and when I stand up and begin to walk I trip and fall into yet another vortex.

This time while I am falling I hear my name being whispered first softly and gradually getting louder and louder until whatever is saying my name is screaming. Then I start to scream. When I scream I here a ton of other voices screaming. My voice goes out after ten minutes of screaming and falling. Finally, I reach my destination.

I see the most awful thing when I get there. Lindsee is laying on the floor beaten and bloody, most likely dead definitely unconscious. I begin to cry first loudly then my sobs soften when some sort of gas begins to suffocate me.

Now I am laying on the ground choking, screaming, and crying all at one time. I must be making an awful noise because the next thing I know a cold hand is covering my mouth telling my to shush. The voice is so powerful that I at once stop my noises and close my eyes and sleep.

I am not sure if I am dead or asleep. Will I ever know? Will I ever wake up? Who knows?

The author's comments:
This piece isn't my best i wrote it for some people on another website and that liked it so i thought i should post it here.

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