June 20, 2011
In the hall, Danny slammed his fist against the cool metal of the lockers. That hadn’t solved a thing. Why had things become so complicated? Why had they started to fight? He wanted to go back to the simple days when none of the stresses of the future impacted their relationship.

Her fingers wrapped around the cool metal of the railing surrounding the roof. She probably shouldn’t be up there but it was quiet away from the energy of the homecoming night dance. Away from him, away from her, away from it all. If only things were simple again.

“Danny,” Greg looked down seeing his best friend sitting in the hall, head in his hands. Junior year was already starting off great, stressful beyond belief. But tonight was supposed to just for fun and for them. “Get up man. You know this is not right. Go find her. I’ll take care of Jake.” Without a single word Danny was off down the hall and up the stairs.

Danny slipped out the window leading to the roof of the school. Charlotte loved it up here. The cool breeze, the way the whole city was spread beneath you as if it was your kingdom. He knew she’d be up here.

It took Greg about a minute and a half to decide to follow Danny up to the roof. “The guy better not say anything stupid to screw this up.” Charlie was like his little sister and Danny was perfect for her. He was also the only one Greg trusted to be with Charlie. As he went to open the door, someone rushed past him. “Hey, what are you…Jake! What are you doing up here?”

“I could ask you the same thing.” Jake counters with a smirk before turning to leave. Greg almost chases after him but runs off when he hears Danny’s distressed voice, “Charlie!”. He jumps through the already open window onto the roof to see Danny holding a limp Charlie in his arms.

“Excuse me sir?” a distant voice chimes. “Sir?” Danny looks up to see a nurse with a forced pleasant smile. “Why don’t you go call someone or get a cup of coffee? We have to take her for some tests now it’ll take about a half hour.” Without a word Danny walks out. Greg had taken care of the phone calls but a cup of coffee would be great. In the cafeteria Greg was waiting with a cup of coffee just cream, no sugar all ready for him. He held the cup but simply had no appetite.

“They know what’s wrong with her?” Greg asked concern in his voice. “Yeah she has a bad concussion and a fractured shoulder. She’s not awake yet. They think someone must have pushed her. “ Greg puts a comforting hand on Danny’s shoulder at a loss for words. Together they walked back to Charlie’s room to wait.

Two cops stood outside of Charlie’s room. “Daniel Carson?” The dark haired one asked the two young men. Upon recognition the other continued, “We need to ask you some questions.” They escorted Danny to a separate room within the hospital. “Was it true that you and Charlie had had a fight at the dance?”

Danny looked from the first officer to the second. “You think I was responsible for this?” Danny asked in disbelief, “Just ask Charlie. I would never”

“Charlotte Dawson has suffered from amnesia. She does not even remember her own name Mr. Carson. Now tell us what happened at the dance.”

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