True Form

June 17, 2011
By Gereldine5 SILVER, Jacksonville, Florida
Gereldine5 SILVER, Jacksonville, Florida
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Save the Drama for Your Llama

When Johnny woke up, I breathed easy. The moonlight slid in through the pasty, yellow curtains and onto his pale face. "Annie?" I smiled when he talked and I hugged him. "I'm glad you are ok!" I hugged him, only to be shoved back. His eyes were wide as he concentrated. "Listen...somethings outside." The dark hall was all that was there when I checked, but something was there. Something ominous and deadly. I shut the door and then heard it. Steps, limping steps. Soft steps. I threw open the door and yet again saw darkness. I wasn't expecting to feel the slash of claws or the screams of my brother being stolen. On impulse, I ran outside and sprinted after the phantom being. The full moon cast an eerie light over the redwood trees that towered over the children's hospital. The grounds covered with dead grass, trampled and filled with dog-like footprints. The shadow glided into the southern wing, abandoned due to a dangerous fire that left it unstable. "JOHNNY!!" No response, just empty air. Cold blasts of wind shoved me towards the collapsed doors. I ventured in, shivering. Warm blood trickled down my face and dried up around my neck in the wintery frost. Howling, cold hearted howling that turned into a hacking laugh. I stared at the demon. Hunched and thin. Fangs jutted out from the swollen, purple lips. The pale sin was pulled taught around the bones. Bloody claws that glinted in the dark. This was no ripped guy with tanned skin who turned into a furry little killer of cutness. No, this was legit, blood and horror. This was hell. Cold, heartless and demonic hell. When the warm breath blew over my face, it kept me from screaming when Johnny fell dead and bloody. The fangs dug into my flesh and tore at it. Cold, clammy claws covered with cold skin of pale pink. The full moon restored me to consciousness. I laughed at it. The other one smiled menacingly at the boy. Food, a good worthy meal. He looked familiar, yet I continued with my fest of gore. Being a werewolve never felt so good.

The author's comments:
I wanted to. no matter how crappishly it was written show that Taylor Lautner is NOT a werewolve. He is a pixie and has got nothing on the REAL deal.

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