June 16, 2011
It was like any outher day school started again after cristmas break and it was still cold out you could see you brath like smock coming from a drangons mouth. Nothing had changed my friends were still the meanest girls youll meet and that when I saw him some thing about him cought my attion when he looked at me a sifer went up my spine. butter flys in my stomic like birds flying trough the ski. I tried to go say hi but no words came out like a mime and with that the bell rang like the ringing of a tambering so it was off to class. Lunch started and the reguler lunch food like a area 51 experament gone wrong. he sat at my table at that moment time seemed to slow down he ask me “het whats your name.” “I sat there frozen in time heart raceing I replied “Jessica and yours” he sat there for a moment then he spocked “willy” his voice like a bass playing in the room I ask him “are u new here iv never seen you before?” he sat there and looked in to the dictence and said “new york I lived there for two years till it was time to move again.” I seemed to notice that he took a long time to awnser and seemed to thank a lot so I asked “are u retarded?” her stood up and left he turned around and said “its nice to meet you Jessica I hope to be seeing a lot of you.” For a mouth I never saw willy but every where I go I always felt I was being whached and walkin home I felt like I was being fallowed. One day I opened my locker and I gave a sreeck I saw the frank I went on a date with a week ago his skin as cold as ice and his heart was missing from his chest. Bloode as red as cherry surip. She told the police that the boy was friends with every body and didn’t know why some one would kill him. She went home tarifide what hapend she didn’t go to school for weeks. And was diperst all the time one day the door bell rang her parents were off on a date and wouldent be home till late. Sitting out on her porch was a heart she screeched like a banchy in the night. There was a note that read im whaching you. She slamed the door locked all the lockes on the doors and wendows the phone rang when she picked it up she herd “geuss where I am?” I awnsered “willy is that you” “im in your closit Jessica and I want you. That’s why he had to die” the closit opened ass i tried to run he grabed my arm and trew me to the bed he kissed me then I spat in his face and kicked hem in the balls I ran down the stair then I triped. Stuned with pain for a moment I got up but he was comeing down the stairs I ran for the kitchen but he grabed me and slamed me againsed a wall he spock and said “stop stugling you know you love me” I grabed the vass next to me and hit him on the head. I ran to the kitchen. I grabed the kichen nife he came up behind me so i stabed him in the cest I ran to the stairs to my room and locked the door I called the cops, but by the time they got there he was gone. When I told them his name and how he went to my school but when they asked the princable he had no file on a willy…… time went on want I wright to tell you my story scines there not much to do in a mintle hospitle and to willy if you read this I know your out there and I will find you.


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