Not So Naturall High

June 15, 2011
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“Kaylee Brooke! You are totally not listening to me!?” Machello scoffed at me. “Sorry, I zoned for a second. What did you say about you & Zann breaking up?” I had heard every word. Yet I hadn’t listened. “He cheated on me with a chick! I was so mad! And guess who that chick was!?” He went on. “Antonia?” I asked, who I knew was his ex. “No, worse, Danni!” He scowled. I pretended to gape. I already knew that Danni & Zann were together behind his back. I just had a knowing. All of a sudden the bus lurched forward. I was thrown onto the floor. “Like ohm gosh! She’s dead!” Someone shouted from the front of the bus. I slowly, gracefully got up. “Yeah, I’m dead alright; dead tired of this.” I sighed. Machello helped me get the crap out of my hair that was from the floor. “Poor girly.” He crooned as we got off the bus. I headed to class, on my way, I ran into a tall, dark haired boy. “Sorry…” He started then saw my pentagram shaped birthmark, and froze. “It’s fine?” I said, but it sounded more like a question. “Your time is near, remember that.” He said, walking (more like slinking) away. Machello walks up with a curious look on his face. “What the crack was that about?!” he asked, which apparently meant he had his eyes on that one for a while. “I really have NO idea, he’s kinda strange. Is he new?” I asked. “NO, stupid, He’s like the hottest guy at that crazy new private school in Tupelo! He’s the GORGEOUS Kione Crenshaw!” He said faking a swooned look. I laugh. “Well he’s a freak? Woulda’ guessed.” “If he’s a freak, I wanna’ be Mr. Freak!” Machello said giggling.

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