May 29, 2011
The forest was littered with trees as tall as the eye could see. Barely any sunlight flickered through the darkness of the canopy, even though I knew well in my mind that it was mid day just on the outside of this different world. Noises echoed off the long dark trunks and it felt as if everything was coming to live. My eyes danced as tears fell, the excitement of possible danger igniting within my companion.
My ears perked as I heard Isaac whimper next to me. He was just as terrified as I was. Even scared, he was truly beautiful. His brown hair that curled at the ends and his light blue eyes that sparkled. They’re erratic bouncing off of every object and sound couldn’t even deny the beauty. He was too good to be true. And now he thought we were in trouble. My heart began to pace as fast as our brisk walk continued. I could feel that Isaac hoped we were still our only company. But I knew that we were alone.
He grabbed for my hand and gently squeezed as if to say, “We gotta move faster, I’m not sure if were safe anymore.” I laughed at the thought. ‘Of course I’m safe. We just went for a stroll in the woods, and your just letting the excitement get to you.’ The corners of my mouth turned down. My hand reached up for my necklace. I rubbed the delicate aqua moon shaped gem and sighed. Isaac was in a panic.
“Isaac, it’s ok. The forest is not that wide; my house is just beyond that opening.” I gently squeezed his hand in reassurance. Why did I always have to console the frightened? He sped up his pace, dragging me behind him. The wind started to pick up and suddenly Isaac just stopped. We were in the middle of the clearing. My hand rose to the gem once more and just as my thumb grazed the necklace a huge dark shadow swooped down in one motion toward us.
Isaac grabbed my torso and through me to the ground, his light build landing on top of me. “Get off.” I yelled, shoving him with my arms and shoulders.
“No, get down!” His hands pushed me back to the ground.
I rolled out from underneath, “Isaac, Quit being so scared! Jees. It was probably just a bird. Nothing to frightening!” I got up and stood, my hand reaching for the necklace once more. The gem was cool on my thumb with the dew from the grass. Isaac’s natural blush grew across his entire face and I grabbed his hand to help him up.
“Watch out!” He yelled, trying to grab me with both hands. He pulled me towards him and he started running, dragging me behind him. I was thrown into a tree, Isaac slamming against my body to shield me from any harm. I glanced over his shoulder and saw nothing. Nothing at all. My adrenaline began to pulse and I could feel a stab of pain each time my heart beat. My hand reached up for the necklace.
“Isaac, it’s gone!”
“I hope so, it’s ok, it’s ok, and I’m here. I can protect you.”
“No, Isaac, my necklace. You jerk! I need my necklace!”
“It’s just a necklace, babe. We should probably get you home now; I do not like that bird at all.” He moved his hand to grab my mine but I pushed him away.
“Isaac. I need that necklace.” I made my voice crack so he would think I was about to cry. That necklace was my life. It was my everything.
“Alright, we’ll look. But we don’t have long, I think storms are gonna hit soon, and I know your house isn’t close enough to outrun hail.” He ended with a nervous laugh.
“The bird is gone, Isaac. Just help me find my necklace.” ‘And I have all the time in the world to outrun a little hail.’ I thought. I looked above us, up at the canopy. I noticed the rain had begun to drip through the canopy of trees.
We searched without speaking for fifteen minutes when the corner of my eye got caught by a glimmer shining off of a nearby rock.

“Isaac! Look over there, by that tree!

“You found it!” He said half jogging to where my finger pointed. I walked to where he stood, pulling the box out of my pocket.
“Where did you see it, babe?” He said turning to face me.
His face turned into a disgusting contortion when he saw what was in my hands. I laughed and threw down the box that held the blade in my hand. His voice pierced the canopy as a curdling scream was released from his lips. I made a strike for his shoulder with the blade and pinned him against the tree. He was no match for my strength.
I leaned upward and pressed my lips gently to his and he let out a groan with the shiver that crawled across his body.
“Who are you?” He trembled. I put my finger to his lips and slowly whispered him to be quiet.
I walked towards the stone, in the opposite direction of where I had pointed my darling companion. I picked up the necklace with such a distinct gentleness that I’m sure Isaac would understand the meaning of soon enough. My grin widened as I headed toward him in a prowl like manner that I’m sure had the poor unfortunate frightened to the core. He was careful at understanding the point of it.
“Please don’t hurt me…” Isaac whispered, and I could see the horrific tears falling from those gorgeous blue eyes. It was truly a shame, his beauty.
He flinched as I raised my hand to his face.
“It won’t last long, I promise.” I smiled. I removed my hand from his face and brought it to the sacred moon shaped gem. My thumb stroked it softly.
Isaac looked at me, absolutely confused. The look made me laugh out loud as I saw his eyes begin to bulge. The trees behind us parted as the huge shadow from before swam through and halted in the space between me and Isaac. Isaac nearly lost consciousness but as he began to fall, the pain of his pinned shoulder excited his body.
“Ugh. Isaac, relax. You already know you’re going to die so just grow up and take it. Now, my pet, ignite within me.” My body tensed as I stroked the gem once more. I could feel the adrenaline surging within my body and I inhaled the dark shadow slowly and expertly, breathing in every last vapor. I glanced at Isaac. I loved to see the victim’s reaction to my secret.
His face fell and he just barely had account for every move I made. I was slow and precise. I took a step back, my eyes never leaving his, the tears swelled both of our eyes, mine for excitement, and his for terrifying fear. I chuckled and let out a scream, my transition was to begin now.
My jaw started to elongate and my skin tingled for fresh meat. My teeth began to grow, the pain surging through my body, almost unbearable, but just almost. I fell in love with the pain every time. The process was nearly over when I staggered a step forward, towards my fresh victim.
His screams did not bother me as my teeth pierced his skin and ripped his limbs from their sockets. They didn’t last long; I only noticed that they had stopped when his eyes left mine as I tore his other arm off. It was a strange victim; he kept eye contact with me throughout the entirety of his torture. I had to chuckle at how mangled his body remained after such a beautiful creature had inhabited it.
The corners of my mouth turned down and I sighed walking away from my meal. He was not as satisfying as he should have been. Not as satisfying as he looked. But no matter, I should find another victim soon enough. When I broke through the trees, the rain fell and beat against my slightly sweated forehead.
Suddenly, anger began to grow inside my chest and my heart began to beat with an inhuman speed. My hand found its place on my necklace and I gently rubbed the gem. The shadow was released with every exhale I made. The anger died as the shadow escaped and claimed the forest once more.
“Bye, my pet.” I whispered, tears of sadness falling from my eyes as the adrenaline ceased in my veins and my jaw reverted back to normal.
I continued my walk towards the ran-down cabin that sat a good twenty yards from where I stood. When I reached the door, the hail had just begun to fall. Looking out the window of the door, watching the innocent hail hit the ground, I smiled in memory of my dear Isaac.

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kiltss1 said...
Jun. 30, 2011 at 8:46 pm
well done very well written you should be proud that how well you have written this story  keep up the great work i cant wait to read more
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