The Legend of George Cooper

June 9, 2011
By SLE1030 SILVER, El Cajon, California
SLE1030 SILVER, El Cajon, California
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The Legend of George Cooper was no secret in the small town of Arlington, Wisconsin. It changed a generation, revealing many sides of their small community. They had a total population of four hundred eighty-four people in the entire town, leaving the need for only one school for all grade levels. As an average high school student, George Cooper faced the usual problems of normal male teenagers such as school, chores, homework, and, of course, girls. He was a strange boy who kept to his lonesome self most of the time, avoiding any contact with his fellow students. His immense crush on Christy Miller was no mystery but how far he would go to be with her was a shock to all of his peers. His fatal actions affected the lives of many and from that point on, his life took a completely opposite course.

The aroma of sweet, crisp flowers swept through the air as Christy made her daily routines swiftly cruising down the hallways. The softness of her precious skin could be seen from a distance, making George’s fascination with her rather understandable. She was the breathtaking girl that all other girls wished they could be, but her sweet, kind attitude was always unexpected giving us all reason to praise her. When she spoke, it was like a joyous melody that you could not help but listen to. Senior year was ending with all students longing to escape the dreaded town but ready to make there last few moments there count the most. Three weeks before prom, George strolled down the long dirt road that led from the campus to his petite cottage when he crossed paths with a few boys with bad intentions. He was used to the occasional beating and taunting, but that day his aggressors took it too far. They beat him unconscious and after realizing what they had done, their adrenaline took over leaving poor George in the brush as they ran off in a panic.

A few hours had passes and the sun had gone to rest when Christy road by on her bike, she had forgotten to pick up her mother’s order and quickly returned to fetch it. But his soft moans caught her attention, and she quickly rushed to his rescue. She rode into town flailing her arms and brought back everyone she ran into and after a night of intense care, George was back on his feet. That night created a bond between the two juveniles. George and Christy became inseparable for the next week or so making them the gossip of the school, they were known as the “odd couple”. As their year came closer to an end, George found his opportunity and took charge by asking Christy to prom. She was flattered and accepted his invitation, shocking not only him but all four hundred eighty-three others as well. After an anxious couple of weeks, it finally came time for the night of George’s life. He borrowed his grandfather’s expensive car, and proceeded with picking up his jaw-dropping date. As they pulled away from her house, George felt the need to show-off his spectacular ride and hotfooted exceeding one hundred miles an hour. Christy begged him to stop but he continued to argue that he had everything under control, and in a blink of an eye it was all over.

Every year you can find luscious bouquets and intricate crosses by the abandoned barn in memory of Christy Miller. George survived but suffered many lifelong injuries. After his community shunned him, he wished he had left with Christy, and to this day the people of Arlington say they can still hear the scream of Christy Miller.

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