Not an Ordinary Inmate

June 9, 2011
So barbaric and primitive. The infernal bars are exactly six inches apart- wide enough for hope, for a glimpse of the world outside gray cement, but not wide enough for escape. Examining the bars, thinking like a mogul, in terms of dollars and cents, it would actually be more convenient and affordable to fit the rim of each cell with a solid door- to create the individual bars and to fit them with a sliding door must require much more craftsmanship, not to mention an increased amount of construction work. Mental note- if ever decide to build prison, use doors, not bars. Why would I ever want to build a prison? Maybe as a charity project, when I get out of here, to draw media attention to myself again. I’ll appear on the news- properly wan and pale from my time ‘behind bars’, saying that my experience at the disciplinary facility-(never say prison, it sounds common. Like pads instead of sanitary napkins) - has enlightened me to the plight and confusion modern inmates face in a federal facility. I would like to give back by establishing my own facility for women-
“Get away from the bars.”
“What’s she going to do, bend ’em?”

Establishing my own facility for women who have slipped through the cracks.
“I said get away from the bars, lady.”

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