Hear Me Now

June 7, 2011
By Anonymous

I had woke up in the weirdest place. I was alone in a strange place and then out of know were there was this dripping noise. So like any idiot in a dream I thought that it was water from a sink that was dripping and so I go looking for it ... again like an idiot. So then I not... I noticed that there are no other doors except the one that takes me to the hallway but there is nothing in the hallway not even a door or window just plain wall. I noticed that the dripping sound started to grow louder. There were no windows, but I was able to make out a light all the way do the hallway and I thought will I meet my end at the end of the hallway or is it a way that I could leave this nightmare of a place. So I started to walk down the hallway. As I walked like always I heard foot steps coming form behind me and like the idiot I am I stop and turn around hoping that it is my imagination or that I make a lot of noise when I walk… but the noise started to grow louder and I just start running down the hallway just hoping that there is a door or even a window I could escape through even though that I know that that will never happen. Then the light seems to grow smaller as I go down the hallway even though I know that I am heading towards it. I stop and try to catch my breath dumb mind as always putting all of my focus onto the light I forgot about the person behind me and the closer the foot steps are, and with surprise someone or thing starts to pull me not backwards but like that thing is trying to save me and not kill me and I try to shout by cant find my voice and just run the way that I am being dragged and then I had started to run with the strange creature, person, what ever he or she was i just could not make my mind rap around the what was going on or how i had even gotten in this situation so i ran, I ran as fast I could. The strange smell started to disappear and we had finally stopped running.

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