Cinematic Murder

June 7, 2011
9:30 Eastern Standard Time, The local theatre was showing that new horror movie everyone was dying to see. When I arrived I threw the keys to my Buick to the valet like I was driving a Maserati. Outside the sidewalk was wet and slick. The lights all seemed brighter for some reason. There was just something about the air that night, it was unexplainable. Everyone looked so happy, but not naturally happy, it was almost forced. Everyone was buying snacks and getting ready for the big premiere. I too bought a small red and white striped box of the most heavily scented popcorn I’d ever had. That’s when people started to file into the theatre like a heard of cattle, trying to get the best seat possible. I really didn’t care where I sat; it made no difference to me. I was there more as a social thing and not necessarily to pay attention to the movie. The lights began to dim and you could see, in the masses of people, a person who I expected to be here. It was an old friend of mine actually, we’d been friends ever since we were kids. At a very young age I fell in love with the most beautiful girl in the world. He knew just how much I’d loved her; we were very close, like I said. One day I decided to go for a walk and happened to pass by the malt shop and it smelled like all the good foods in the world in one spot. How could I resist stopping in and grabbing a big thick and rich strawberry shake right? That was the first time I saw him with her. They were sitting on the same side of those electric blue bench seats around the booth. Just the two of them, sharing a Jim Dandy. How could he? As it turns out, me talking about her so frequently must have put the idea in his head that he could love her as well. He tried to hide it from me; he feared what I would do. I stormed out not speaking a word. We haven’t spoke since, he knew he crushed me. Now I had to crush him. She was long gone and he was alone, an old man practically. I pulled out my piece of wire and very quietly went up behind him, excused myself and very quietly strangled him. I’d done it so perfectly I could feel his heart stop and nobody around me flinched. They were all too blinded by the disgusting and gory horror movie. I quickly and quite calmly got up and walked out. That’s everything that happened officer I swear.

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