the farm

June 7, 2011
By theotherchild BRONZE, Bluepoint, New York
theotherchild BRONZE, Bluepoint, New York
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Class was finally over, walking out of the school building I heard the other children complain about homework or how sick they were, like they usually do. I’m the new kid in this small town and I think I’m the only none sick person in town, my parents think it’s because of a bug spreading around but I’m not too sure. But anyway after school everyone went towards his house as they do every day. And once they got there they saw him, he was tending to his smaller crops as he always does when we get out of school.
He is my age they say he’s crazy like his parents, so all the other kid’s parents say to bully him to drive him away. They say he went to school once before I got here, and he was bullied there too, but one day he just stopped going. The people of the town thought that he and his insane parents left the town but he just stopped going to school. every day all day he would just tend to his crops, for some reason he would always be tending to the crops in the front like he was protecting something, then when he’s finished, he would disappear into into the large corn stalks when everyone left and go into the small creepy house that you could barely see the roof of behind the corn stalks.
Then one boy threw a rock at him and then everyone followed him. They would curse at him throw things at him, and he would just stand there. And as I just stood there, observing I noticed that I think he was smiling while they were attacking I noticed they never hit him they always missed with the rocks. That seemed strange so I asked the kids some questions. They said they never saw him smile, thought he was insane and wanted him out of the town that’s why they were they were bulling him but they would never tell me why they didn’t go by the fence or why they had such terrible aim.
Since the kids from school said he was some kind of freak, I didn’t want to believe that. So one day afterschool during their daily abuse sessions I went around to the back of his house and went inside to see what he hid so I can prove that he was not a freak but instead I proved the kids at school right, his house was covered in dirt and there were rats crawling everywhere. Then I went into one room and saw it filled with dolls that looked exactly like the towns people the I read of dolls like this before whatever you do to them the same will happen to the person it’s made of. The room was cold and there where tools probably used for torture everywhere. That’s when I realized why everyone in town was always in pain and sick this also proves a good reason to hate this demonic child but then I realized if everyone would be nice he would stop his madness.

When I left that house I told all the townspeople of what he was doing and what we could do to stop him, surprisingly all of them believed me. They said that his parents were witches of some sort. At first I was happy that they were going to become friendly with him, but then I realized that when they all gathered together with torches, I saw they had a different plan, I tried to stop them but it didn’t help they were ready to kill. Then when they got to his land they burned all his crops crashed through his wooden gates and lit his house on fire. Everyone was rejoicing, in the dead of night the house fire was the only light as they celebrated and you could hear his screams over the load roaring fire and the insane villager’s laughter. And my family and I watched these pyros stomp on the ashes. Then they stopped for a moment, I heard a blood curtailing screech, and then the most horrifying thing happened, they spontaneously combusted in front of me and I heard there screams and smelled there body’s burning I realized it was there turn to die, like the boy did. And during that horrifying sight I remembered, whatever you do to those dolls will happen to the person it’s made of. And at that moment the last of the screaming ceased, and the last fire stopped flickering.

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