June 6, 2011
Shadows quivered on the wall as the candle flickered and then fizzled to nothing. My breath quickened with the shock of the sudden darkness. “I still have to get out of here!” I thought to myself. I groped my way through the darkness when I heard the familiar sound of a match striking. I held my breath as he came through the room. As my back was pushed up against the wall, my nose was squished against the pressure of the door. Just as silently he came in, he left, surely to go to my room next with his tell-tale candle. I padded my way out the door and into the kitchen, hearing the opening and closing of each door at the top of the stair. “He is bound to be close, I have to get out!” Again I motivated myself. “This is my chance! RUN!” I flew out the back door and down the hill just as I heard his roar echo through the house and out my window. I knew he was coming and I kept running. I heard him following and I flew into the trees. Ducking behind a wide oak, I saw the glitter of his searching candle turn away. Just as I moved to flee, his wild, enraged eyes met mine. I didn’t want to face the impending doom, thinking I could still escape. Just as I crouched in a thin effort to run when . . . my captor lunged.

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