The Sunrise

June 2, 2011
By Gereldine5 SILVER, Jacksonville, Florida
Gereldine5 SILVER, Jacksonville, Florida
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My head lay rested in my clasped hands as I silently sobbed. My hair fell over my face. By now, my mom would’ve swept it back and stroked my forehead, telling me it would be alright. She wasn’t here though. She was the one who sent me to this forsaken land…the mental asylum. I was only 15…15 and going through the most disturbing experience yet. The room was small, cramped and deathly silent. I was alone. The ceiling light flickered before it went out. Darkness covered the room except for the occasional lighting flash which filled the room with an eerie silver glow. The third lightning strike revealed the grimy hunched nurse glaring at me in the doorway. She wore a crisp, white uniform that had a single, barely noticeable, red stain that was now a brownish orange color that was starting to get crusty. She grasped my wrist with cold, clammy hands and smiled a smile that had a dark secret behind it. One that involved me. The grey hallway stretched as far as a man could see. Doors lined the wall, most of which contained screaming beasts. I heard the muffled screams and cries of pain. The lady did nothing. No sympathy showed as she hurled me into a room. She slammed the door and I heard the sound of at least five locks locking. Click…Click…Click…Click…Click. Soft laughter emitted from the corner. I stumbled backwards and fell into a dirty pot filled with…I quickly jumped out and curled into the opposite corner. A tall girl, most likely my age stepped towards me and smiled a sincere smile. “Hey, the name is Lil’ Josie. Sorry about laughing, the nurse looked hilarious! I hope you’ll be comfortable If that’s even possible” She held out a hand. I just hugged her. She laughed and pulled me off of her. “I guess I was the first person to really care huh?” I smiled. “Yep…why are you here? You don’t seem…well…” I made the cuckoo sign. Chuckling she shook her head. “Well, about 99.9% percent of us aren’t. They throw us in here because we need well…”she whispered softly, in a hushed voice shuddering slightly “Lobotomy.” I gasped and softly whimpered. “Why would we need that?” Lil’ Josie glanced up at me.”We all misbehaved in some way that our parents found to be mental. I ran away from home twelve times because of my abusive brother. What happened to you?” I sighed and looked at her. “Nothing…absolutely nothing.” Lil’ Josie sighed and shook her head. “I’m sorry about that. Maybe they’ll come back?” Suddenly a screech of agony emitted down the hall. Lil’ Josie suddenly screamed in a more in a heartbreaking sound as she grasped the window bars screaming, “Don’t take Lilly! Not Lilly!” I looked out the window and saw a little girl, of about ten struggling get away from two doctors gripping her hands. Her little blonde curls bobbed around her pretty little face as she cried “Sissy! Where’s sissy? You promised I’d see her!” The doctors smiled as the took her through two double doors. Silence followed and Lil’ Josie collapsed on the floor. “Who was that?” Lil’ Josie put her head in her hands and sobbed out two words that made me collapse on the floor next to her and hug her. “My sister.”

The author's comments:
The movie SuckerPunch really made me want to make my own little version. So here it is.

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on Jun. 24 2011 at 7:03 pm
singergurl12 GOLD, Jacksonville, Florida
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This is sooo good, I'm really proud of you, chicka! This is like... Like better than ME good! *LOL* this NEEDS to be published... I can't get over how proud I am!!! The only thing I saw was when you said "I hope you'll be comfortable If that's even possible", looked like that needed some punctuation there. Otherwise, you are an AMAZING writer!!!


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