The Mysterious Girl Chapter 1(part2)

June 6, 2011
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“What should we do chief?! We can't find the girl anywhere.”

“ Did you look in the library? How about the-?”

“Yes chief! We looked in all of the places that you told us to look. Even more places than you said to look in. She is gone I tell you, Gone! Poof! Off the face of the earth.”

“You are wrong again young lieutenant. Also you are way out of your place to speak that sharply to me of all people. I know for sure that she has not even left the town. All you need to do is look harder!”

“But chief-”

“No BUT's lieutenant! I want that girl found and I want her found by Friday! Do you understand?!”

“Yes chief. I understand completely.”

I put my hand over my mouth to keep my laughter from coming out. I am listening to the lieutenant and the chief of police arguing. I, at the moment, am well hidden in the vent right above them. I got in here earlier in the morning when the chief and lieutenant had gone out to get their morning coffee and Donuts. It had been so easy, all I did was distract the secretary by calling her, telling her that her house is on fire and she left right away. Then all I did was go right into the chief's office, remove the vent placement and climb inside carefully replacing it . That is where you find me now.

“I expect to hear from you by Friday or else you will be fired right on the spot. Do you understand?”
“ Yes chief I do indeed.”
“ Good. I will see you on Friday. Till then lieutenant.”
“ Till then chief, Good bye.”
“ Good bye.”

The chief and lieutenant left the office to go patrol the nearest neighborhood. They spoke to the secretary for a little while then left.
Great! Now I not only have to stay inside the house all day, but I have to dodge the lieutenant as well?!
Man, well if you think about it the lieutenant is pretty easily tricked and if I can't trick him I can avoid him. It really isn't that hard. I Better get out of here before the secretary gets back from buying her lunch.
I get out of the vent and leave the office heading to my mom's grave. I always visited my mom's grave, every single day. On my way to the graveyard I saw the lieutenant meet up with the chief. I quickly duck into a doorway while they walk past me then I stepped out and started to follow them. As I over heard what they were talking about I started to formulate a plan. The chief was asking the lieutenant how he was planning to catch me.

“Well chief, I was planing on staking out the girl's house and the other places that she was known to frequent.”
“NO!!!! How could you be so stupid lieutenant? The girl is way too smart for that. Besides we have already done that and we had no results remember?”
“ Well, yes chief, I remember but it has been a long time since we did that and she would never see it coming until it was to late.

Ha, that fool wouldn't be able to catch a pig, let alone catch me. I would like to see him try.

“Don't worry chief I will get you that girl if it is the last thing I do.”

“ Considering that you don't get that girl by Friday, this is the last thing that you may very well do.”

“ Got it chief. I will not let you down, again.”

“ Good. Now get back to the office and get started. You have only five days left and today is already half over.”

“ Yes sir, Chief. I will see you at dinner.”

“ I can't wait. (ugh) Goodbye lieutenant”

“ Goodbye chief."

I turn around and start to walk away from them as they go their separate ways. As I am walking towards the graveyard I continue to formulate a plan of how to outsmart the lieutenant. Before I gets to the graveyard though I stop by an outdoor flower shop and buy a single red rose.
When I get to my mom's grave I gently set the rose down on top of the grave then just stand there thinking for a little while. I remember mom's laugh and her smile and how she always asked me to try on the dresses that she made. After a while storm clouds start to roll in and it starts to rain and thunder. I run home as fast as I can. When I get home I eat dinner and take a bath. I am snuggling down into bed thinking and planing, as I start drifting off to sleep I think back to the conversation that I overheard. They will never get me and He will pay for what he did. I will get my revenge soon enough.

Mysterious girl wakes up early the next morning and eats a very light breakfast. She then heads out of her house and heads to the only person that she knows that she can trust. As she nears my house she sees me looking out the window. As soon as she gave me the signal I came out and whispered in her ear.

“ Lets go talk in a more private place that no one where be able to over hear us.” He said.

“ Alright...where should we go?” The girl replied.

“ I think that we should go to the clubhouse. you know the one...right?”

“ Yeah, I do. Lets split up. I will meet you there in 30.”

“ Okay...will do. Are you hungry? Should I get you something to eat?”

“ Yeah, Thanks. Go to my favorite place.”

“ Do you want me to get you the usual?”

“ You know me so well... 30 at the clubhouse. Got it?”

“ Yep, see you there.”

“ Okay...see you.”

I head down the street one way and the mysterious girl the other. Thirty minutes later at “the clubhouse” Me and girl meet up.

“ Did you get the usual? Just like I asked for?”

“ Of course I did... you know that I know what you like, Twilight.”

“ DON'T CALL ME THAT!!!!!!!!”

“ OKAY!! Sorry, but it's your name just as much as My name is John Johnson.”

“ Sorry....I am just afraid that someone will know my identity and then they will tell the police and then they will track me down.”

“ I know but what should I call you if not your name?”

“ I don't know... um.... how about I go by a fake name? What do you think about that?”

“ Well.... That sound pretty good. What type of name where you thinking about?”

“ Well I could change my name to a more common LillyAnn Johnson. What do you think?”

“ Well.....That sounds pretty good...wait should I change my name also?” I replied.

“ That is a good idea.... ummm... I'll call you Jake.”

“ Jake?...That sounds good.. alright so I will call you LillyAnn and you will call me Jake.”

“ Alright...that sounds good. So what did you want to talk about?”

“ Well I just wanted to ask for your help with something.”

“ Sure... what is it.”

Twilight and I hear a twig snap a few feet away.

“ What was that?”

“ I don't know but let's get out of here. I will meet up with you soon.”

“ Okay talk to you.”

Twilight and I quickly leave the clubhouse and head their separate ways .
Two days later Twilight and John meet again but in a very different place.

“Did we really have to meet here in such a public place where anybody could listen in on our conversation and I could be recognized at any given moment?” Twilight asked.

“ Well I'm sorry. This is the best place I could think of to meet at. Well we can get something to eat if you are hungry.”

“ I might get something later if I am hungry.”

“Okay. So what did you want to talk to me about? You told me that you needed my help with something.”

“ I do. Well I happen to know that the lieutenant and Chief of police is looking for me at the moment.”

“Oh? How did you happen to come of this knowledge by chance?”

“ Let's just say that I have my ways as I know you have yours and leave it at that, okay?”

“ Fine. What does this have to do with me?”

“ Well right now I just need someone to bring me food and some books during the day and some other things.”

“ That sounds pretty simple to me. Any thing else?”

“ Um...oh yeah...I need you to go get me a Spicy Chicken Sandwich and a Dr. Pepper to drink. Thanks.”

“ Wow...alright be right back.”


John leaves the coffee shop and starts walking home to go get his wallet and the keys to his car. Half way back to his house he senses that someone is following him. He turns around but no one is there. As he continues walking he knows that someone is there but he decides that if it is someone that he will walk a little farther and see what they do. When he gets to his house he goes inside to grab his keys and some money for the food. When he comes out again he heads strait for his car. When he got inside his car a man gets up from the back seat and says to John.

“If you ever want to see your friend again you better tell me where she is right now.”

John replies,“ So you are the one who has been following me around. I am sad to say that I don't know who you are talking about or where she might be found. I have just come back from this old coffee shop I used to hang out in with my friends.”

“Don't fool around with me boy. I know that you were in the coffee shop with a girl. All I want to know is her name and where I can find her. I don't mean to harm her or you. I just want to know if she is the girl I am looking for.”

“Well I can assure you sir that the girl that I was meeting with was not the one you are looking for. Her name is LillyAnn Johnson. Right now she is probably walking home from the coffee shop. If you want to catch up with her you might want to get out of my car and head about three blocks south.”

That stupid boy just gave himself away. I will finally find the girl and will get to keep my job after all. Yes!

“ Thanks boy. You have been a big help. Just know that if you are lying I will come back here and kill you my self.”

“ What you have just said has been dully noted. Thank you very much for wasting about ten minutes of my time.”

The man gets out of John's car and starts running down the sidewalk. Once the man is out of site John searches his car for a bug then starts his car and goes to Chick-Fil-A.

“ Hey John what brings you here today? It isn't your usual day.”

“ Hey Nick. your right I am just here picking up some food for a friend. I need a number three with Dr. Pepper to drink.”

“ One Number three with Dr. Pepper coming right up. That will be six twenty five.”

“ Here you go. Keep the change. Hey can you make it to go?”

“ Yeh sure thing. Just give us a few minutes.”

“ Thanks Nick.”

“ No prob John.”

While John is waiting for the food he grabs his cell and calls Twilight to warn her of the oncoming danger.

“ Hello?”

“ Hey. T. Code Blue. Get in costume right now and start walking toward LillyAnn Johnson's house.

“ Okay sure thing. One thing though.”

“ What?”

“ Why did you have to choose Lillyann instead of any of my other aliases?”

“ Because that was the only one I could think of at that moment. Sorry.”

“ No Problem thanks for the head up. Meet me back at my house in thirty minutes.”

“ Okay. Do you want me to pick you up?”

“ If I did want you to do that I would have said that.”

“ Okay see you then.”

“ Bye.”


“ Hey John your food is ready.”

“ Okay thanks Nick.

“ No Prob. see you on Saturday.”

John leaves Chick-Fil-A and starts driving taking the back way to Twilight's house.

On the other side of town Twilight disguised as Lillyann Johnson is walking the last block of her street when the Lieutenant from the Police office showed up. He was the one that had talked to John earlier that day.

“ I take it you are miss Lillyann Johnson.”

“ Ye-Yes I am. H-How did you know that? W-Who are you?”
Of course Twilight had to act like she was not only afraid of this man that she was not supposed to know but also stutter. That was part of who Lillyann Johnson was.

“ You don't need to be afraid little girl I was sent here by a friend of yours. John sent me saying I would find you walking home. All I want to do is ask you some questions. Is that alright?”

“ I-I guess. I kn-know that John would n-never send you h-here if I c-could not h-help you. G-Go ahead and ask m-me what e-ever you w-want.”

“ Alright. Thank you. All I want to know is if you know a girl that lives in an old abandoned Mansion on High Street. A girl around your age. She wears a dark cloak sometimes.”

“ I h-have never even b-been to H-High street. M-My mother w-would never l-let me go up there. Sh-She says that the on-only people that l-live up there are r-rich snobby f-folk. I-I am s-sorry. I c-can't help you.”

“ That is not a problem at all. Thank you very much. I will let you get on home now. Do you live on this street by chance?”

“ M-My mother t-told me n-never t-to tell s-strangers where I-I live. I-I h-have t-to go n-now. g-goodbye.”

“ Goodbye miss. Have a great evening.”

As the Lieutenant walked away he thought, Well that was a big wast of my time. It is the end of the day and I only have two more days left to find this stupid girl. I better go search her house one more time before I go back to my house. I wonder if that boy. John. Would be of any more help to me. He seamed like he was keeping something back. I will have to check back up on that tomorrow.

As soon as the Lieutenant was out of sight Twilight broke into a run and headed towards High Street. As soon as she got to the back door John came around the side of the house.
“ That took longer than expected. What went wrong?”

“ Just shut up and let me think.”

“ Sorry. Just trying to help.”

“ Well don't. We need to gather my stuff out of here and leave now. Lets go. No questions.”

“ Okay what ever you say.”

“ Thank you.”

So Twilight and John gathered up her things, put them in the back of John's car and left right before the Lieutenant pulled up. They headed to the only place that Twilight that she and John would not be found. Twilight's fathers house in New York City.

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