The Mysterious Girl Chapter 1( Fixed)

June 6, 2011
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Chapter One

The Mysterious girl stands by her mothers grave in the oldest grave yard in the town. It is a dark and stormy night. She vowed that they would pay for what they had done. She vowed that she would get revenge. Some how she will.

On the other side of town the most famous ballet dancer, Clare de Lune, was preforming on Broadway, the most famous theater district in all the country. She does not know it yet but this will be the last night that she will preform in front of an audience. It will be in fact the last time she will be able to dance for a very long time.

She didn't see the trip wire. When she danced across the stage to the far left, she tripped and fell right off the stage. She was rushed off to the hospital very soon after. As everyone stood up gasping at the sight of the fallen dancer, a dark figure left the concert hall. The dancer was told that she had a broken leg and rib and a sprained wrist and collar bone. The doctors informed her that she was very lucky to be alive.

The Mysterious girl sits in the house that belonged to her mother before she had died. In her mother's will it stated that everything that she owned would go to her daughter but the lawyers could not locate the missing girl. They had been looking all over the town in search for her. Once they found her they were to read the will to her, then they would take her to an orphanage and put her up for adoption. They would sell off the house and all of the furniture and take the money, in the bank account her mother had made for her, for themselves. That would all happen if they could find the girl. They were all about the money they cared nothing for the girl. Until they found her they would never get the money.

The Mysterious girl lies on her bed in her room. It is more of a mansion than a house. The Mysterious girl sits thinking back to the night when her mother was killed.

It had happened almost a month ago. The day began as a bright and sunny day. Mom and I did what we always did on a Monday. We first went to the local doughnut shop and bought two dozen doughnuts and some doughnut holes. Then we went to the library to turn in our books and spend two hours, exactly, looking at and reading other books. After we left the library we went to my mom's work. Mom works as a seamstress. I usually go with my mom to work . Since I have been home schooled all my life so I don't have to worry about going to school. It was about 8:30 PM when the Mom was locking up the dress store and getting ready to leave. It happened when we were about half way home. I could tell that mom was uneasy because she kept looking behind and around her. What happened next I will never forget. When we where well away from the street they attacked. Mom was looking behind her when a dark figure dropped out of a nearby tree. The figure was wearing a dark cloak with a hat pulled down low over it's face so the I couldn’t tell who it was. As I screamed as the dark figure lept over and put a drugged cloth over my mouth and nose. As I was going under I heard my mom cry out. The dark figure ran over to my mom putting a knife to her throat saying “You have defied me and for that you will die.” The figure killed my mom, left her on the ground and ran to the police station dressed as a different person. The dark figure told the police that it had seen a woman drug her daughter and then kill herself. After further questioning the person was free to go. When the police arrived at the scene they saw the dead body of the woman but no girl. It turned out that I had awakened earlier, seen my mom's body, and left without saying a word. I went back to the house and went to bed as if nothing had happened. The police identified the woman and found out where she lived. After searching the house, they proclaimed that it was empty. Ever since then I have never been happy. Now all that I wear is a black cloak and I only go out of the house when I have too. I will not rest until the killer is found and I am going to get my revenge.

The Mysterious girl lies down and goes to sleep with one tear running down her cheek. She has vowed that she will not rest till she finds the killer.

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musicprincess This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. said...
Jun. 24, 2011 at 4:47 pm
This is very good :) nice job with the revisions.
BookFreak14 replied...
Jun. 25, 2011 at 9:17 am

Thanks... I know this is the second time that i posted the same story but I am still editing and re-editing... Glad you like it...I am still posting it... This is just the first part of the first chapter... the other part is still pending... keep an eye out for it though:)


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