The Switch

June 6, 2011
By ciara.cooper BRONZE, Renton, Washington
ciara.cooper BRONZE, Renton, Washington
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“Abigail, its time for dinner,” my mother yells. Of course she would make me come inside right now as I’m playing. As Abigail walks insider her mother looks at her in disgust. She yells at her and tells her to go clean up before she gets anywhere near the dining table. The table is set with gold trimmed plates and her filthy daughter can be no where near it. Abigail is covered in mud from head to toe. She was playing rugby with the neighborhood boys. She has globs of mud in her hair, but she doesn’t shower. Just throws her hair in a pony tail and goes back down stairs after only changing her shirt.

Her mother looks horrified as she sits down; she immediately proclaims that she doesn’t understand how her flesh and blood could be such a tom boy. Abigail sits quietly and shakes her head at her mother’s harsh words. “I hate my life here!” she proclaims. “I don’t belong in this life!” Abigail gets up storms out of the dining room and stomps up the stairs, finally slamming her door as hard as she can. Her mother looks content as the pictures on the wall shake from the thud of the door.

Aria is in her room putting on her most expensive lip gloss looking in the mirror. She says to herself “your gorgeous” and blows a kiss at herself. She smiles walks down the stairs in her 4inch Prada heels and into the kitchen. Her mom is in gardening clothes and has dirt smeared all over her. Her mother looks at aria and says “where do you thing you’re going?” Aria looks at her mother as if this is and absurd question. “To the mall of course, where else would I wear these heels?” Her mother sighs and puts her head in her hands and says “try to not make us declare bankruptcy today okay?” Aria grins and blows her mom a big kiss. “Ill try my hardest,” she declares sarcastically.

In the middle of a big softball game, Abigail is playing first base and a line drive is hit straight to her. She’s not wearing her face mask and she gets hit in the cheek bone. Abigail drops to the ground, her coach runs over to her to find her eye is hanging out of the socket; she is rushed to the hospital. Abigail has lost way to much blood and needs a transfusion. The doctors test both of her parents and neither is a match to her blood type. This is very puzzling because one of your parents should be a positive match because that’s where you inherit your blood type. The doctors; very devastated decide to look into the confusing matter, only to find devastating and life changing news.

The day was somber and cold, Aria cried all the way to her car. She gets in and immediately stops crying. “Poor mother” she says devilishly. “Who’s going to tell me how much I can or can’t spend now?” She drives off to the local bank to withdraw a bit of cash. Oddly enough her mother’s accounts have been put on hold. She calls the family attorney. Come to find out her mothers fortuned had been willed to another young girl, the same age as Aria. Her mother had left her with nothing. She begins to cry real tears for her mother. Realizing she had poisoned her mother for nothing and will not benefit from any of it.

“Mom, I’m home from school!” yells Abigail as she walks through the front door. “Honey can you go get the mail please?” “Yes mom.” Abigail shuffles out the front door and there’s quietness throughout the house. Minutes later you can hear her walk through the front door and into the kitchen. “Mom!” she yells as she sits down at the kitchen table. “What is it hun?” reply her mother. “I got a check in the mail”… “What from whom?” “I have no clue, but it’s a ton of money!” “Really? It couldn’t be that much sweetie” her mother remarked jokingly. “No seriously mom, take a guess!” “Okay, okay, hmm five hundred dollars?” “Noooo I’m talking wayyy more mom!” “Alright just tell me already hun.” “Try two million dollars...” Her mother was dead silent with no response, and then suddenly you hear a big thud. Abigail rushes into the laundry room to find her mother on the floor. She had fainted from the shocking news.

The doors open to the hospital and Aria groans as she sees all the commotion, not wanting to deal with all these people rushing around her. She walks over to the nearest desk and asks where she would find the billing department. “Hold on kiddo we have someone coming into the ER right now” replies the nurse. Aria rolls her eyes and says “fine I can wait.” The nurse pushes a gurney over to her station to run a triage report on a women who had fainted with no other symptoms. Aria being as nosey as she is couldn’t help but listen to the family’s story. “Well I was talking to my mom because I had gotten a check in the mail for a ridiculous amount from a woman I have never met in my life. When I told her the amount she just passed out. I didn’t know what to do so I just brought her.” “Its okay honey you did the right thing, let me go grab some more paper work and we will get you into a room” The nurse leaves and Aria can’t help but hold her tongue after the intriguing conversation she just heard. “Excuse me, I couldn’t help but hear about what happened with your mother, do you mind if I ask you a couple questions?” “What are you some reporter?” Abigail replied rudely. “No I’m not, I swear.” “Fine” returns Abigail. Aria begins to make up a big huge lie about how her mother died and that she is all alone now because it was just her and her mother. Abigail being the kind hearted and nice person she was offers her condolences to her not realizing what Aria is getting at. Finally Aria just blurted it out, “where did you get that money?” Abigail looks taken back and doesn’t know why Aria would be asking such a thing. “Why? That’s not really any of your business.” Just tell me who the check was from, I don’t care how much it was, just who it was from!” “Well who are you hoping it’s from?” remarked Abigail boldly. “Colleen Devanzo” replied Aria quickly. Abigail just looked at Aria in amazement wonder how she knew the name of where the money had came from. Suddenly it hit her like a train. Aria’s mom was Colleen Devanzo and had willed her money to her. Before she could say anything else, the nurse who had went to find her mom a room had returned and was asking them to follow her to the room. Abigail and her mother went to the room and Aria stood astounded knowing by the look Abigail gave her; that the check was from her mother.

Later that night once Abigail and her mother returned home, Abigail decided she needed to sit down and talk to her mom about the conversation she had with Aria at the hospital. After all the details Abigail’s mother was just as confused as Abigail as to why Colleen would will all her money to Abigail and not to her own daughter.

A week or to had passed since the incident at the hospital with the check; which was still sitting in the envelope on the kitchen counter. Later in the day Abigail’s mom had been on a run and grabbed the mail on the way. In the mail she saw a letter from the hospital assuming it was the bill for her ER visit. When she opened it, it was a letter from Abigail’s doctor; describing why her blood type wasn’t a match to her mothers or her fathers blood type. She fell to the floor crying, not understanding how what was written in the letter was even possible. The letter read: “Mrs. Graziano, we have looked into your request into why your daughter Abigail Graziano does not match yours or your husband’s blood type. Unfortunately we have to inform you that Abigail is not your daughter, while in actuality she belongs to the Devanzo family. The Devanzo family had a daughter born the same day as Abigail. Regrettably we made a mistake and you took home the wrong child that day. We have notified the Devanzo family as well but it our records indicate that Colleen Devanzo has recently passed away. Since Aria Devanzo is not of age, she is legally your daughter and will be notified immediately. Please consider all of your options. Sincerely, Chief of Rosemary Grace Hospital.

Abigail came home in the middle of her mother crying, she immediately ran to her mother. Her mother took her into her arms and held so tightly that Abigail had to tell her mom she was choking her. Abigail’s mother had to sit down and explain to her what the letter was stating. Abigail immediately began to cry, not knowing what was going to happen in her life from now on. Her mother had decided that there was no way they could turn away Aria, she was technically her real daughter.

Hours later the door bell rang, everyone in the household held their breaths. Abigail opened the door to Aria standing with tears in her eyes. They stared at each other for a moment. Finally Abigail’s mother walked over to the door and stood behind Abigail. They all shared looks between each other and finally Abigail’s mother broke the silence. “Welcome home” she stated. Aria walked in the door and put her arms around Abigail’s mother. Finally to Aria, everything felt right. This was right.

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