May 31, 2011
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"I've been thinking about suicide a lot lately. Since everyone I know is dying. Janett, Ben, Jenelle. Maybe if I were the next one to go everyone would stop disappearing," I placed my hands in my lap and looked out the small window. I know the monster. I know what he wants. But no ones listening to me.

"OK. And why do you think you'll be the next to go?" Ms. Ludwick, my consoler at the mental hospital, asked.

"Look, I'm not crazy. I know the monster. I know he's looking for me..."

"I think you need some rest. Thanks for the talk. Let me call the doctors now."

Her evil smile made me feel stupid. Like I was worthless. I closed my eyes and inhaled deeply waiting for the doctors. Every time someone was talking nonsense they gave them some kind of "happy" pill. It makes you pass out for like three days until your brain is recovered.

I've been in this mental hospital for about four months now. I hate everyone and everything here. Its not my fault I was trying to go to him. He was calling for me. They don't know that he will find me. Maybe not now, but soon.I told him I was here.

"Scarlette," the doctor came in with the pills and a needle.

"Make it fast," I smiled holding out my hand. Now everything a blur. I gue...
I rubbed my head and sat up. I was in the room again. The one with the big glass wall and everything's white. I hate this room. But thats what I get for talking about him. I stood up and walked over to the glass wall. I placed my hand on it gently and stared at the person in the room across from me. Their back was facing the other way. The they slowly turned around. They were no longer a human. With dark red eyes and claws and spikes. I felt my heart pound through my ears. It was him. I closed my eyes and screamed as he walked closer to me. "This will only sting a little," I heard one of the nurses say as I collapsed on the cold floor.

"Scarlette," I heard a faint voice and slowly opened my eyes. 'Scarlette," I looked around but there was no one there. I looked up as far as I could just to realize I was strapped in a bed.

'What?" I whispered.

"Scarlette, It's me. Your friend. Your not crazy. I'm hear Scarlette. Don't you see me?'

"Just go away. I don't see you. You're not real!"

"Just wait and see how real i am."

I felt my self shaking. I didn't want to see him or hear him. But he always found a way to make me crazy.

Time passed and I felt myself drifting away. I closed my eyes and dosed off into a deep sleep. Then he show'd up.

"Did you really think I'd miss your dream?"

I looked away as he came behind me feeling my face with a knife.
"Now its time."
I smiled. And turned around facing the monster. I placed my hands on his cheeks softly and smiled as I kissed him. I whispered to him "I know it is."
I felt my heart shatter as I fell to the floor. The monster saved me. My soul came out of my body and I saw my corps. Just resting there to die. The monster took my hand and led me to the skies. Where I could see all my friends again.

"It seems as if she had a heart attack in her sleep."

"What?" The doctor ran to Scarlettes room. "Oh no," He whispered. He ran over to her body and saw blood gushing out of her chest.

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AnneAmmile said...
Jun. 15, 2011 at 5:47 pm
very good. I loved the twistedness of the story and the good description
funpie replied...
Jun. 16, 2011 at 7:42 pm
i don't get it. what is &quot?
AnneAmmile replied...
Jun. 17, 2011 at 4:14 pm
its a glitch its ment to be " "
Kalee replied...
Sept. 18, 2011 at 8:53 pm
Oh thanks(:
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