Stuffed People

May 25, 2011
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Once upon a time there was a very mean, old lady that lived in a scary, gloomy, dark house that was supposedly haunted. She had as many wrinkles as a sphynx cat; her eyes were as black as the night and her cheeks like polished apples. One dreary Halloween night, two little boys approached her door to trick or treat. One is a ghost and the other a gun slinging cowboy. As they walked to the door, the stairs creaked and cracked and the shutters were a rattling tin can even though there was not any wind that night. After knocking on the door, the old lady opened the door and invited the boys inside. Immediately, the boys smelled scrumptious cookies, and the old lady asked if they wanted to come to the kitchen and have some milk and cookies. Both boys were overcome by the smell and said yes they would love to come inside. It was as if the smell poisoned them to go against all they were taught and they entered a strangers home that eerie night.

When they walked inside they saw realistic stuffed bodies leaning on the walls. One of the bodies was as big as an oak tree. As they walked to the kitchen, the sweet smelling house started to smell like a boys locker room after gym class. When they came into the kitchen and saw the cookies, the boys both took one and they said the cookies were very good. They were gooey and chocolaty. After eating the cookies, the boys both felt dizzy like we were just on the spinning tea cup ride. When the boys fell to the ground it shook the house like an earthquake.

The little old lady is a strong ox, she dragged both of the boys down into the basement with little effort. It was as if they were light as a feather. In the basement, there was a big machine surrounded by billowy, soft cotton. There were clouds in the basement. The next day, the little old lady stuffed the two boys with cotton and no one ever saw or heard from them again. They became decorations for her home during Halloween kind of like how people wear jewelry. Those two little boys are the last trick or treaters that ever visited the little old lady’s house. The little old lady lived a lonely but content life with her stuffed people.

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