The Room

May 29, 2011
By Anonymous

The walls flowed with white streaks. They trembled and meandered as if they were being submerged into another dimension. She was dumbstruck by this but continued down the room.

She noticed the disaster even though she remained perplexed by her whereabouts. The room had long, slender brown tables and chairs to match but these had been flipped over. Scattered around these table were massive leather bound books which radiated of life. She heard a crash in the distance- it finally occurred to her that someone else might be there.

The room didn’t seem to end as she slowly made her way down. It all seemed so familiar to the girl, from the smell of polished wood to the taste of dry blood and feeling of desertion.

A young girl with bright, blonde hair and pale skin received a letter. She was overjoyed until she glimpsed the address of the sender. Her face became cold as she learnt that her only living parent had died, the body still missing and that they were, “sorry for her loss.”

She saw that same letter now. She felt the ground quiver under her, she questioned then, “How?” Before she could fathom an answer she heard a yelp that forced those sluggish steps again.

As she dragged her feet she felt as if someone had taken those same steps in that identical sequence but she was afraid of looking down. It gave her the chills. Even so she knew she had to keep exploring-suddenly silence.

The walls of the room departed, the broken lamp vanished, the shreds of cloth vapourised but many letters stood still. Soon trillions of triangular mirrors appeared out of thin air. The perpetual image of herself in a state of physical deterioration sickened her. She could feel the bile traveling up her throat.

Before she knew it, a gale struck and in stark contrast a beacon of light hit a spot in front of her. The mirrors shattered and glass flew, it sliced through her conscience as if it were thin air. In a flash, the room once more.

The ray of light now focused on a box of two feet wide and three feet high. A rather grey matter unfolded from the box. It took shape at the speed of thought to form a vivid image, vivid enough to make the girl gasp, “That’s me!” The intrusion of herself was more than she could handle, she subconsciously pleaded for mercy while simultaneously losing faith in the idea of sanity. She began to sob-still not diverting her gaze from the person she was two years ago. She realised then that she was trapped; her mind had enclosed her in a room of hallucinations to torture her.

She picked up a broken piece of glass after her previous notion had settled in. Her mind was punishing her for her many sins including the most recent murder of her father. She walked toward the intruder of the endless room. Her mind had achieved utmost evil and was now consuming itself uncontrollably. She raised the sharp, glistening piece of glass and struck her pretty, little self. She felt the blade go through her chest; she thought the blood and the exposure of her inners were another hallucination. This lasted till she fell through the floor-only to awake-in the dimension she knew as reality and die in the dimension she knew not.

The author's comments:
im just an amateur writer, putting my work out there for the first time. i love to write, but i dont love criticism much, so its taken me a long time to get here. so this is just a little short piece, really, not even a story, from a couple of years ago. enjoy. seriously. please. enjoy it.

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