The Alarm Clock

May 24, 2011
If I had got that alarm clock fixed, it never would’ve happened.
If I didn’t wake up late that day, I never would’ve gotten fired from that job.
If I didn’t get fired from that job, I never would’ve looked for another job.
If I didn’t look for another job, I never would’ve gotten hired for another job.
If I never got hired for another job, I never would’ve met her.
If I never met her, I would’ve never become friends with her.
If I never became friends with her, I never would’ve been invited to that party.
If I wasn’t invited to that party, I would’ve never gotten drunk.
If I hadn’t gotten drunk, I would’ve never been driving home drunk that night.
If I never drove home drunk that night, I would’ve never been going 70 miles an hour.
If I hadn’t been going at 70 miles an hour, I never would’ve been in that accident.
If I was never in that accident, that girl would’ve never died.
If that girl hadn’t died, I wouldn’t have driven away from the car crash.
If I hadn’t driven away from the car crash, I would’ve never gotten away with it.
If I hadn’t gotten away with it, I would’ve gone to jail.
I’m safe. For now. I waited for police to come looking for me. They never came. I’m left with this guilt. It’s eating me alive.
I lay on my bed, looking at my broken alarm clock. It wasn’t my fault, I keep telling myself. But it was. I just love to blame.
The alarm clock screen suddenly comes alive. An impossible time shows up. 6:66. I’m gone.

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PennyM.L said...
Jun. 5, 2011 at 10:45 pm
i like this :D the words you use, they don't really flow with eachother. and this seems a lot more like a poem to me, than a short story.
rosierose said...
Jun. 4, 2011 at 9:03 am
This is a really cool short..story i guess? it seems like more of a poem, but you could definitely expand it and make into a longer story if you wanted to.
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