Untill We Meet Again

May 12, 2011
By Luvbug1996 BRONZE, Springfield, Illinois
Luvbug1996 BRONZE, Springfield, Illinois
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“So she doesn’t go to jail but I do?” Shouted Mark.

“Order in the court clam down Mr. Kinney” Said Mrs. Greenburg.

As the police started to take Mark away he made a fast and got a hold of one of the polices gun and pointed at Susan then…

“Susan, Susan! Wake up before we are late for school!” Said Cody.

Cody, a shy handsome young man, walking toward the bed in the apartment while talking to Susan.

“Oh it was just a dream.” Sighed Susan as she seen she was in her apartment in her king sized bed.

“Are you o.k. because you’re sweating bullets!” Said Cody.

It’s been hard for Susan every single day she had a flashback about what she did her senior year of high school with the whole killing Mr. Griffin and going to court and seeing Mark face it’s just really hard for her just to get her life back on track and it’s been 2 long years.

“How much time d we have until school starts?” Questioned Susan.

“30 minutes” Answered Cody.

“Hey I was wondering if you were willing to go to my mom’s house with me this weekend?” asked Cody with a big smile on his face.

“Cody I don’t know if I’m ready we only been going out for 3 months.” Replied Susan.

“Please with honey on top she said she really wants to meet you!” pouted Cody

“What if she disapproves of our relationship?” ask Susan.

“I promise she won’t she will love you like as a mother loin loves her cubs.” Said Cody.

“Fine I will go but what day and what time are we leaving?” Asked Susan.

“Friday at 12:30” Answered Cody.

“O.K Friday it is.” Said Susan.

Friday at 11:30.

As the time started to decrease Susan heart started to increase. She was so scared to meet Cody’s mom because maybe she heard about Susan killing Mr. Griffin 2 years ago. And Susan really doesn’t want to lose Cody because he smart, sweet, caring, has a good head on his shoulders, and really down to earth. She just prays that nobody will talk about it or bring it up.

As they got their suitcase put in the car and got ready for their 2 hour drive in there red velvet BMW to see Cody’s mom and were the Cleveland stadium is and the last place Susan wanted to be.

Final they got to his mom house. The house looked so nice with red cherry rose in the front of the house and light blue as the main color for her house. It remained Susan of candy cane house with all different colors.

“Mom I’m home!” Shouted Cody walking inside the house with Susan right behind him.

“Oh my gosh who is this handsome young man.” Said his mom while kissing his cheek.

“Mom stop, I have someone that I want you to meet this is my girlfriend Susan McConnell.” Said Cody.

As their eyes met Cody’s mom went into shock she couldn’t believe what she was seeing, she didn’t know if she should be happy because her son found someone to love or be mad because Susan killed the love of her life.

“Susan I want you meet my lovely mother Mrs.--.”

“Mrs. Grandback!” Shouted Mrs. Grandback.
Mrs. Grandback , an over protected mother with brown hair and blue eyes, giving welcoming hugs to Susan and Cody.

Cody looked at his mom like she was crazy but he let it go for now but he will ask his mother later about this.

I can’t let Susan take my son away from me not this time. First she took my husband but she not taking my only son away from me. I just have to get her out of here fast.

“Ok Susan here your room for the weekend.” Said Mrs. Grandback.

“Thank you Mrs. Grandback” Said Susan.

“Mhmm, but dinner will be ready in a few.” Replied Mrs. Grandback.

As Susan looked at her room for the weekend she came across a picture of Mr. Grandback and her husband Susan smiled as she looked at the back it said: Mr. & Mrs. Griffin together and forever. After she read the back her heart fell to the ground she couldn’t believe that she wasn’t Mr. Griffin house the man she helped killed 2 year ago. She was scared that she didn’t know what to do.

“Hey you want to come to the park with me before dinner?” Asked Cody.

Susan didn’t say anything.

“Are you ok?” Said Cody.

As she was about to answer his question the full right open and there was Mr. Gandback
Aka Mrs. Griffin.

“So we meet again Susan.” Said Mrs. Griffin.

“Mom what are you talking about?” Asked Cody.

“Well your girlfriend here helped killed your father 2 years ago.” Said Mrs. Griffin with tears in her eyes.

“Wh- what Susan you were a part of killing my father?” said Cody
With nothing to say Susan stood there scraded as she just seen a ghost

“It was a mistake; it was wrong if me I’m so sorry.” Cried Susan.

“Susan why did you do that?” Asked Cody.

Then Mrs. Griffin pulled out a gun load it up then pointed.

“Mom put the gun down now!” Shouted Cody.

Mrs. Griffin didn’t listen to him she just closed her eyes and pulled the trigger.

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