Last men standing

May 13, 2011
By sologuitarplayer BRONZE, Arvada, Colorado
sologuitarplayer BRONZE, Arvada, Colorado
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Logan and I are inside a zombie infested house, standing back to back looking out the blood stained window. There is no power inside the house and it's dark, eerie and it's hailing, Logan asks,

"Are you o.k., I need to get to the gun crate to get ammo and a new gun." while panting in the dim light of the lightning I say,

"Vama-nos" As Logan and I are walking to the gun crate, we see a figure walking in the distance. As he gets closer we smell the foul odor of rotting flesh. Logan says,



"There's another one." (NO) As he draws near, we see he has a bloody torn up bandana. As he is less than 20ft away, we see his brother Cameron's body being dragged by the zombie.

"Nooooo!!!!!!" ( Tù malo diablo) He is a gross, flesh destroyed, missing an arm, pale white, blood dripping out of his mouth, broken bones, no life in his eyes, an ear cut off, gunshot wounds on his chest, and bone showing in multiple places. As I'm getting ready to take fire on who I believe is Zack I see another zombie dashing towards the half eaten body on the ground.

"Què?" Logan catches from the corner of his eye a glimpse of the dashing zombie and loads his all famous MICHEAL.... LURRITA.... BULLET. He aims at Zombie Zack as he starts to mutter,

"Food." As the zombie Dashing gets close enough Logan fires his bullet and takes the two zombies to oblivion. (JAJAJA) As the bullet was fired we here the zombies trapped behind two of three doors and more zombies from outside start to surround the house. Logan yells,

" Let's get to the zip line we set up outside in case of emergencies, it is hook from the third floor." I reply,

"Vamanos." we start to silently move through the second story of the house as Logan says,

" Did you check these two floors."

" No, lo siento"

" You idiot." As we slowly move with our guns drawn, we look around the dirty, dusty, old, badly painted dark rooms. Just then...


(Where are you)




(What the)



Thirty years later after the age of zombies, the two hunters were found dead and buried, many years ago, but now that the old house, the two hunters were trapped in, has been torn down. People to this day still wonder, there were no zombie bite marks and all zombies were dead around the house, so who or what killed the two hunters, and what is still to come.

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