May 13, 2011
By Spencer Smith SILVER, Peoria, Arizona
Spencer Smith SILVER, Peoria, Arizona
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She was troubled; her life wasn’t what she thought it would be in her town of California. Even though Chelsea lived near a beautiful beach with the perfect combination of purple and orange lighting at sunset, she wanted someone to share the experience with. Chelsea felt like she deserved an awesome life. A family was at the top of her list; she wanted a better family than her own. The world was falling apart according to her because she didn’t have the life she’d dreamed of.

No one figured her out at this point. It was hard to determine if someone or something could measure up to her standards. However, Chelsea felt like things might turn around after she met someone at Olive Garden. He seemed like a nice guy; he seemed like he could fall in love with her and stay committed to her. This man felt like he wouldn’t deserve Chelsea with whom she appeared to be.

A year went by and they got married. Chelsea thought having a family was important to her and that she really wanted one. Things just changed, or maybe they really didn’t. She always had some doubt that she would enjoy having kids and taking care of them; Chelsea lied to herself. Greg always wanted kids, but it turns out he wouldn’t be having any.

Life became difficult for them and it felt quiet and sad in their condo. They were barely speaking to each other, and whenever they actually had a real conversation, it was usually a fight about having a family. Greg felt as if Chelsea played him and tricked him into marrying her. But somehow, he still loved her and wanted to be devoted to her.

Chelsea had something else in mind for him; it wasn’t the kind of idea that he had in mind. She was tired of all this fighting and it made her feel as if she couldn’t keep him on a leash anymore; she couldn’t control him enough to not fight with him and have him fully wrapped around her finger. But then again, Chelsea kind of didn’t want to hurt him because he’d been the only guy willing to marry her and she didn’t feel like she would ever find anyone else.

On the other hand, he was really starting to tick her off and she was tired of it. She had to make a choice which would have a risky outcome for her either way. While she pondered upon the pros and cons of both options, Greg was still deciding whether or not he wanted to stay married to her. He was a nice guy and he truly deserved someone better. But that wasn’t how Chelsea saw it; she actually realized that she wanted to prevent him from finding anyone else and having a better life than she did. It was a dangerous nightmare for Greg either way but it would just have a different conclusion.

Poor Greg, he was so unaware of how dark Chelsea really was and how she could take it out on him. Her soul was pitch black to a point where everyone would be helpless in that place. One night while they were both in bed, Chelsea slipped away and went to the kitchen and grabbed a knife. She went back into the room and for a moment, she just stared at Greg. She felt conflicted for a brief moment and then she just charged at his heart with the knife in her hand. Chelsea had done this four times. Each time she did it, she cried harder every single second it took place.

After seeing him lay there dead and helpless, Chelsea ran back out to the kitchen and hurriedly put the knife back in the holder with the other knives. She took off the gloves she was wearing and threw them away in the trash can; she packed up her bags and ran out of the condo to her car and floored it away from the place where she murdered her husband. The police hadn’t known about this until three days later when Greg’s friend reported his dead body in the house. They came to the now-marked crime scene.

They searched and searched for clues and traces of DNA that would take them to the killer. Chelsea had surprisingly done a good job with being careful in killing Greg. That is until police found something unique on his skin. It was a diamond chipped off of the ring he’d bought her. That would get Chelsea in jail. Now all they had to do was find where she was.

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