David's Adventure

May 12, 2011
By xhayleyx PLATINUM, Westport, Indiana
xhayleyx PLATINUM, Westport, Indiana
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David was in a dark place. He was surrounded by forest. All the trees looked like they had arms reaching out to grab him. He tried as hard as he could to find a way out, staying away from the trees. In the darkness, he thought he could see eyes staring out at him. All he wanted was to get home to his momma and be safe. He didn’t even remember walking to this forest, and was sure he was lost. He looked around him, searching for some sort of light in the dark woods. Then, he heard noises coming from behind him. When he turned around, he saw scary creatures watching him. They came toward him, with their red eyes. He closed his eyes tight. He knew they almost had him. Then when he opened his eyes, he was seeing his room. It had all just been a dream!

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