Macaroni 2

May 19, 2011
By iTempeRRx BRONZE, Adel, Iowa
iTempeRRx BRONZE, Adel, Iowa
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"The greatest pleasure in life is doing what others say you cannot do."

I woke up in this deep dark cellar. It was dripping this oddly looking greenish fluid. I start to re-gather my thoughts. I start to cry realizing my brother was dead and I was locked up in a disgusting cellar, probably left for dead. I begin to sit and think about the police officer and my parents. I wondered if they were trying to find me or if they were just to upset about the death of my brother that they forgot about me. I begin to try to get up but realized a nail about five inches in length was dug deep into each of my hands. I begin to cry in pain realizing it was hopeless to try to get up. All of a sudden I heard this tapping sound on the ground, it was a huge spider maybe five inches wide four inches tall, I screamed as loud as possible. All of a sudden a crashing sound comes through two doors’ that were attached to the cellar. Light fulfilled the room just like a nuclear bomb just went off right next to us. I begin to regain my sight and I looked at the person walking down the steps. In his hands he had a bowl of macaroni and cheese with him with some ice cold milk, because you could tell by the way the water dripped down the side of the crystal clear glass slowly. He began to speak,
“Well, Jamie I’ve come to a conclusion I’m not going to kill you.” He said obnoxiously.
He noticed that I got a girlish kind of smirk on my face, but then said in a deep, low voice,
“I’m never going to let you go.”
That instantly got that huge smirk off my face; I start to scream at him cussing at him all that I could but it was no use no one could hear me. I was bound to live in this hole for the rest of my life. All of a sudden a toy truck falls down the steps, as it fell down the steps in the dark corner of the cellar you could hear a little child saying,
It was Bob. The so called “Police Officer” looked at it in a frightening reaction.
“Where Are You, You Little Brat!” He screamed.
I could tell he was getting really scared because of the huge vein popping out was pounding about 20 times a second. All of a sudden I heard this little boy’s giggle consume us around the little cellar. The officer pulled out his gun; he had his flashlight scanning the room like radar. I heard this huge crashing sound, I looked over and the officer was on the ground blood started gushing out like the Niagara Falls. All of a sudden the nails start coming out of my hands I scream in pain.
“Who are you?” I said kind of stuttering.
All that I could hear were these faded giggles in the background. I got up walked out; to my amazement I was only about thirty feet from my house. I started to walk and I sighed with a giant relief. I thought I was finally home sweet or home, or so I thought.

The author's comments:
This is a short sequel to the original Macaroni by "TheWriteIdea" it's not the best just got kinda bored and had to do it for a English project hope you like it :)

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