Coming Darkness

May 19, 2011
By jaredt3 BRONZE, Slidell, Louisiana
jaredt3 BRONZE, Slidell, Louisiana
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She hates me; she honestly and truly hates me, by and down deep in her heart. Well, well, now I will do my part and hate her back. I will hate her as if I had all of the hate in the world, with a type of hate that will make her lay down drowned in the entirety of the world. She will close her eyes and be hated; hated so much that the empty space of complete darkness will run away from and she will be left with nothing but no color just emptiness, just like the heart of the nincompoop teacher of mine. She will die of death to the heart; I will make sure of it.

For I must do the dark deed tonight, I must go up to that school and kill her TONIGHT. Who knows what will come of me after this dark day- soon to be someone’s ending. My main priority is that I shall kill this evil woman and rid the world of her. When I walk up to that school, she will be sought out and killed by the saber of the devils, no worse, I will wield this knife as if it were the deadly spear of all the demons of the underworld. I must begin on my journey before sunset, for that is when the dark teacher leaves the building that she exemplifies her hateful work upon me. How I hate her so. Now at this moment in time she is probably faulting me for something I didn’t do, giving a grade for which I did not deserve. She will die TONIGHT!

As I part on my expedition, I must be going crazy, because I can see darkness in plain sight on the pavement. It’s sunny outside! No not now; I can’t lose it, I must succeed, and succeed in killing. The only question I can ask is why this putrid light on this raunchy post gleaming, but it can’t be! Night must slow down, for the deed must be done. I have to hurry and get to the school. Oh the school, with its smell of hatred and death seeping around the place—from the imbecile that the school board has put upon my soul as a burden from the fiery gates of Hell. Its sight of prison cell walls covering the outside and in, the grayscale makes me want to kill my teacher even more, and most of all the sound, the sound of the most alcoholic bum on a school intercom ever heard of, the sound of the man that employed my idiot teacher, which makes him an even more idiot than she.

Ahh. No, there it is again. Someone, just someone, must know of the psychology of my mind and what will be stabbed directly into the heart tonight. I will succeed, the dangers of the future, I will not fear.

As I enter the school I can only find one explanation that has encountered my brain as to the whereabouts to my prey. She is obviously in the classroom, such a hateful classroom- so hateful that when I enter, it reminds me of the dwelling of Hades. With the emptiness of decoration, and the darkness of the night sky, so dim. It makes the room seem like a blank television screen, yet the irony of it all is that her walls are white! The smell, oh my, the smell. The classroom possesses a stench as if a million dumpsters and dead beings were sprinkled onto every bit and piece of this room; it makes me want to BOMB her room with air freshener- a whole stores worth.

There is only one more thing I have to do, walk through the hallway that has accepted my moron of a teacher. Darkness has showed itself again, someone or something must be following me I know it now. My mind tells me what to do, and my mind has never steered me wrong before, therefore it must be right. My mind is telling me to run, so I run, run as fast as I can. The exhaustion is filling my lungs and they are telling me to stop, but I must obey the mind, I continue to run, run to room 200C the deadly room I have described before, so I must hold my breath. I hurry and stab the fiend, the fiend that put me through so much pain through all the school year. Well now she gets her pain back. I stab her once, twice, three times, four… after so much I quit counting. Then I slit her throat so she cannot haunt my dreams with her mouth. The darkness!! It is still here I don’t know what this thing will do to me now. I must succeed over this blockade. Sadly there is only one way. I am beheaded.

My three seconds left of life feels like a whole lifetime, as I wait I finally see my follower. I beat him; beat him at his own game. Now as I think of it he looks familiar, I could have sworn I saw him recently. Then I finally see him fall with despair of defeat. He loses this little game called life, for I am the winner. As I finally think about it I never heard footsteps, but I always saw his shadow- the darkness. Yes, the shadow is always visible in light; you could even see the black reflection in the dead one’s room, when the Sun is out and the black shades aren’t covering her window. Now I see the follower’s shadow- very like my own, but I must compare the two! Looking around I only see the shadow, my beautiful body, and the idiot teacher lying dead. Where is my shadow?

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