Out In the Night

May 17, 2011
By Chelsea_Graap GOLD, Preston, Iowa
Chelsea_Graap GOLD, Preston, Iowa
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Grass, tons of it. For miles and miles. Chelsea loves it though, walking through the fields with Zach. Nothing in sight. It was 7:30p.m Saturday night, June 2, 2008. Chelsea saw something in the distance, she started to wonder that way and Zack followed. It was a lost dog, no dog tags or anything. Out in the middle of nowhere?
"Zach, were do you think this dog came from.” Chelsea said.
"I don't know but it looks hungry.” Zach replied.

Zach knew Chelsea would want to take the dog so he decided take it home.
"Zach you’re the best."
"You know I'm doing this for you right?"
"Ya, I could have guessed." ,Chelsea said with a slight laugh
"Come on Chelsea it's getting dark and we don't want to get lost."
"Okay Zach."

They headed back to the house with their new found friend. It is now 9:00p.m, and it’s kind of dark. Zach and Chelsea live in California. They live in the northern part though because Chelsea likes the beach and Zack likes the mountains. So it’s kind of like the best of both worlds for them.
"What should we name him Zach?" Chelsea asked.
"Were going to keep him, Chelsea I’m sorry but we just can't afford it.", Zach told Chelsea not knowing what the outcome will be.
"Zach, we just can't through him back out there to starve-to-death."
"We won’t we will put posters up around town to see who he belongs to but we will keep him till he’s clamed."
"Ok but what if he’s not claimed."
"Then I guess we'll have to keep him."

Zach could see Chelsea eyes sparkle like they always do when she hears something she likes.
"Zach, you truly are the best." Chelsea said hugging Zach.
"Ya I know and I’m all yours."
"Ya and you will always be mine."
"So Chelsea, what would you like his temporary name to be?"
"It should be Ryan, I really love that name."
"It's settled his name is Ryan."
"Come on Ryan, time to go to bed." Chelsea said.
"Your gonna let him sleep with us." Zach said with skeptimistic.
"Yes, do you have a problem with that? I mean look at his face, it's so cute. How can you say no?" Chelsea said with a pouty face.
"Fine, he can sleep with us." Zach said just to make Chelsea happy.

Chelsea, Zach, and Ryan walked to the bed room. It was raining out and Chelsea and Zach made it a thing to watch the rain fall from the bedroom window but tonight they went straight to bed. Ryan slepped at the foot of the bed, on a towel Zach put down so there bed wouldn't get messy but Chelsea called Ryan to come sleep by her.

That next morning Zach got up early to go to work, while Chelsea was still sleeping curled up to Ryan. Zach watched Chelsea sleep. Thinking he was lucky to have her.

Zach was getting ready and he heard a noise in the hall. He went to investigate, it was Ryan. He had to go out, so Zach got a rope and tied Ryan to the porch, so he wouldn't run away. Zach walked to the kitchen to get something to eat. Chelsea was already up making Zach something to eat. She made eggs and bacon, Zach’s favorite.
"Chelsea, what are you doing up so early?" Zach said with surprise.
"Ryan woke me up." Chelsea answered sleepily.
"You can go back to bed, I'll take care of Ryan if you want me to."
"It's ok."

Zach sat down at the table and started to eat. Chelsea sat down across from him. She had an energy drink.
"Chelsea, why do you need an energy drink this early in the morning?"
"Cause I’m tired and I can."

Ryan was barking outside and Chelsea got up to go get him. Chelsea walked to the front room and opened the door to let Ryan in. Chelsea saw a moving truck down the road.
"Zach, come look at this someone’s moving in down the street in the old Duran’s house."
"Ok be there in a sec."

Zach gets up and walks to the door. Ryan starts to bark in the direction of the moving van.
"Wow, I can't believe someone bought that place." Zach said.
"I know that house is a wreck."

The house was 2 stories, white with a green roof. Most of the 1st floor windows were broken. It has been empty ever since Zach and Chelsea have been there. Now out of the middle of nowhere someone is moving in.

Now 9:00a.m Zach has to leave for work. Zach goes to his bedroom and gets his coat. Chelsea follows him to the room.
"Zach do you have to go so soon." Chelsea asked
"I'm sorry but if I’m late one more time Greg will have my head." Zach replied.
"Ok and while you’re out I’ll make those lost dog signs and could you get some dog food."
"Ok I will."
"Don't you forget?"
"I won’t, now I really have to go."
"Ok bye Zach I’ll miss you."
"Miss you too."

Zach walks out the door and goes to start the car. Chelsea and Ryan watch Zach drive down the driveway to the hardtop.
"Well Ryan it's just you and me today."Chelsea said to Ryan.

Chelsea gets Ryan off the leash and brings him inside. Ryan runs around the house jumping on all the furniture.
"Ryan, stop it now!" Chelsea yells to Ryan.

Chelsea walks over to Ryan and pets him.
"I'm sorry Ryan, I’m just stressed."

Ryan looks up at Chelsea like he actually understands her. Chelsea looks back him. Chelsea goes and sits on the couch. Ryan jumps in her lap and She starts to pet him. Chelsea gets the remote and turns on the T.V. She starts to watch her and Zach’s favorite movie, Anaconda. She just remembered that she had to make found dog posters.
"Ryan, I don't want you to be found."

Chelsea gets Ryan off her lap and gets up to go over to the computer. She turns on the computer and sits down. She opens up the typer program and starts to type.

Lost Dog

Breed: Beagle mix

About 1 year old found on the outskirts Fringe, California.

Brown and White with black paws. Kind, sweet. No picture

Chelsea looks it over it. She thinks to herself for a second. She looks at Ryan to make sure she got his futures right.
"I did good Ryan." Chelsea said.

By now Chelsea is getting really tired. Her energy drink high has past. She takes Ryan and goes to lie down.
"I'm only going to sleep till 5:00p.m."

The hours go by. Zach comes home and he enters the door. Ryan is there, siting looking up at him.
"Hi, Ryan weres Chelsea."

Ryan runs over to the bedroom. Zach follows. He stands there in the doorway. He doesn't want to wake Chelsea but its 8:00p.m and their favorite show is coming on.
"Chelsea, it's time to get up." Zach said kissing her on the forehead.
"What....What time is it?"
"It’s a little past 8."

Chelsea sits up and Zach sits next to her.
"So did you go see the new Nabors today?"
"No, I didn't, was I spose to."
"You didn't have to."
"Did you pick up the dog food?"
Zach poses, “No, I’m sorry Chelsea I forgot again."
"It's ok, Zach. We'll just have to go when I get up."
"But what about the dog."
"He’ll have to come with der Zach."
"Hey watch it Chelsea."Zach said jokingly.

Chelsea gets out of bed and goes to the closet to get some clothes to wear. Zach takes Ryan to go outside.
"Hey, Chelsea the Nabors are coming down the lane." Zach shouts to Chelsea.
"Ok be there in a minute."

Ryan runs out in the yard to greet the visitors. Zach calls for him to come back and to stop being annoying.
"Hi, I’m Carlos and this is my girlfriend Nilia." the visitor says.
"Hi, Carlos and Nilia I’m Zach and this is my girlfriend Chelsea and our found dog Ryan."
"Your found dog?"
"Yes last night we found a dog wondering in the woods."
"Well it was very nice of you to take him in, if it was me I would have left him in the woods."
"Now Carlos be nice." Nilia said
"I would have left him to but Chelsea wanted to bring him home."
"Zach you can be so mean sometimes." Chelsea remarked.
"Well Chelsea I can see we are going to be good friends." Nilia said.
"Yes I can see that to."
"I am deeply sorry but we have to go." Carlos said.
"Bye."Chelsea and Zach said.

Carlos and Nilia walk back down the lane back to their house, well at least that’s watch Chelsea and Zach thought. They walked back inside with Ryan.
"Well they were nice people don't you think Zack."
"Ya but they were sure strange."

Chelsea heard a weird noise and Ryan started to bark.
"Did you hear that?" Chelsea said.
"Hear what?"
"That sound."
"No I didn't maybe your hearing things."
"I'm not Ryan heard it too."
"He barks at everything."
"Ok if you say there’s nothing, there’s nothing."

It is now 10:30p.m and Tomorrows Monday. That means Chelsea goes to work and Zach stays home. Chelsea heads to bed early and Zach stays up and watches T.V with Ryan.
"Goodnight Chelsea be to bed in a bit" Zach said
"Goodnight Zach"
"Do you want me to put Ryan in the cage tonight so you can get some sleep?"
"Ok but let him out in the morning."
"Ok Chelsea."

Zach stays up only a little after Chelsea. Zach puts Ryan in the cage. Ryan gives him the puppy dog eyes. Zach starts to head to bed then he hears a strange noise. He heads to the door to look outside, he sees someone in the distance. He steps outside and moves close to the figure.
"Who are you?" He yells

He gets closer and closer. He reaches the figure. It's just a tree. Chelsea has him alworked up over these strange noises lately. Now that’s all he can think about. Zach heads back to the house, he goes to the bedroom and changes. He goes to the bed and lies down.

Chelsea gets up first, she’s late. Its 6:00a.m she has to be to work at 7:00.
"Oh, crap."
She hurries and goes out the door. She gets in her mustang and drives off. As she’s going down the road she notices the new Nabors outside. She honks and waves. They didn't even recognize her. They acted like she was a total stranger.

Back at the house Zach finally gets up at 10:00 a.m. He forgets about Ryan in the cage. He remembers Ryan’s in the cage.
"I'm sorry Ryan I forgot you were in here."

Zach got Ryan out of the cage and took him outside. Zach went into the kitchen and made himself something to eat. He heard Ryan barking. Zach stopped what he was doing and went to see what Ryan was barking at.
"Dog what are you barking at?" Zach said to Ryan.
"Well howdy Nabors." Carlos said.
"Hi Carlos, how are you today."
"I'm good how are you."
"Well I’m how with this stupid dog but it’s worth it for Chelsea."
"Ya that dog always bark I heard him last night he kept me awake."
"Well I’m sorry I’ll make sure my dog stops barking."
"You better or I’ll do something about it."
"Ok well I have to go my food is done see you later."
"Bye Zach."

Zack went back inside thinking about what Carlos said. I didn't hear Ryan last night. He was in our room in the cage. hmmmmm I’ll just have to ask Chelsea.

Now 8:00p.m Chelsea came home. She walked in the front door and Ryan greeted her happily.
"Hi Ryan."Chelsea said petting him
"Chelsea your home, how was work?" Zach said
"It was work that’s all I have to say."
"Really I didn't know work was work."
"Neither did I."
"Hey what do you think of our Nabors."
"There ok, this morning I drove by them and they didn't recognize me."
"Well maybe they were just busy, and by the way did you hear Ryan barking last night."
"No, why do you ask?"
"Because Carlos came over today saying if Ryan keeps him up tonight he'll do something about it."
"What does he mean he'll do something about it?"
"I don't know."

Chelsea and Zach went on wondering what Carlos meant. So that nigh Ryan slept with them and he had a muzzle on. They all went to bed about midnight. One or two hours later Chelsea woke up all of the sudden.
"Zach wake up did you hear that."
"What Chelsea what the.... what?"
"I heard a noise."
"What kind of noise."
"Like rustling bushes outside our windows."
"Chelsea there’s nothing there just go back to sleep."
"Are you sure Zach?"
"Come on your with me I’ll protect you."Chelsea and Zach went back to sleep but Ryan stayed up. Somehow Ryan got outside. The next morning when Chelsea woke up she looked for Ryan but he was nowhere to be found.
Ryan’s gone.

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